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No Babies for Gracie :(

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I'm sorry if I left anyone hanging. I left off where Gracie was bleeding and they wanted me to bring her into the Vet for a C-section if she didn't go into labor- which she never did. I asked if it was really necessary and they said that she could get an infection since the bleeding hadn't stopped. So I consented. They called later that day to say that she was ok, but that the babies had died and that they were at varying stages of developement. The Dr. later explained that she had 6 babies and that 3 of them had died. The placentas had infection and had pulled away from the uterine wall. He believes that she was trying to miscarry them. Two were born alive, these must have been the two I felt moving, but died minutes after being born, they were very premature. They did try and save them though. I don't know about the last one. Gracie is recovering now. She's on antibiotics and her sneezing and watery eyes have stopped as well. They fixed her while she was under too. I doubt that she knows what happened like with a human, but I'm pretty bummed. I keep telling myself I would have just got attached to all of them and it would have been so hard to find homes for them and that it was for the best, but my heart tells me otherwise.
Thanks to everyone who responded to my other posts. Have Fun with all your babies and I hope all goes well with them!

Dolly and Gracie
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im so sorry for your loss but at least gracie is ok. hugs coming your way

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My heart shares your pain at the loss, but honestly, my dear, it sounds like it was for the best for all concerned. Know that by having your little girl spayed, you've done the right thing and overall, the best thing you can do for her. You have shown your love and dedication to the reduction of the pet overpopulation crisis and prevented your little sweet girl from becoming a victim of many illnesses that intact females are very susceptable to suffering.

Do something good for yourself and try not to dwell on what could have been.

Hugs to you and little Gracie,

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Thats tragic! Atleasst mama is okay though.
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im so very sorry hugs to you both xx . at least shes ok and getting better now. will be thinking of you both
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Ooh, poor baby! She may not feel it "like a human" but her hormones are likely going haywire... I am glad she's doing better, though. Give her an ear-scritch for me?
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Oh my I am sorry to read this update I am sure they did the very best for sweet Gracie and of course, she was the main priority as already mentioned this was the best course of action

Give her some gentle chin scritches from us
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My family and I send out or love and prayers to you and you lil girl. I am sooo glad the infections didnt get to the point where they hurt her!! That would have been horrible. And I know that you and Gracie can get through this together!!
My deepest sympathy to you and your Lil Gracie!!
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I am soo sorry! ((hugs)) It will all be ok. You still have Gracie. They will be in my thoughts. Soo sorry!
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I'm so sorry Gracie lost the babies, but I am glad you were able to get her to the vet and that she is going to be ok.

RIP little ones
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