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Any Plans For Easter?

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Just being my normal nosey self. We haven't decided on anything yet, not even what Easter Service to go to.
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Unfortunately I have to work seeing how i work at the animal shelter and holiday or not, the furbabies have to eat and have their meds. / After work if i have time though i plan to go over to my sister Kimmy's house We're cooking out.
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We move into our new house Easter weekend so beyond going to church, probably just unpacking. Timing 'eh?
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I'm on call, so I'm not sure I'll even get to go to church on Easter Sunday. I can never make any plans when I'm on call.
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My partners coming down on thursday from Scotland for easter, so we'll be going out for dinner at some point. I need a lawnmower as well so i'll let him test it out
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I have it off. I'm going to my inlaws to eat, and then to my parents later in the afternoon for desert.
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My mom called this afternoon and asked what we are doing (we are about 90 minutes away) I told her I don't know yet. See they usually don't just come for the day it would be a 2-3 day thing. The saturday before Neil has a woodworking class from 9-2 (won't get home before 3) and I might be working and if I am I don't know what hours yet. So its kinda a toss yet. I said i don't want to cook-Neil doesn't want to go out for a buffet so who knows at this point.
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well my dads not allowed to make us go anywhere (he pulled that on christmas and we went to my grandma's he told us about a week before) Its not anything agaisnt any one but I like my moms turkey best and I also eat her mash potatoes (from the box of course lol) and well her stuffing, at christmas I only ate the turkey and the gravey wasnt good, but I didnt say anything I just ate the turkey so I am excited for easter for my mom to cook her special
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Well, I found out that I'm supposed to Layread at the Eleven o'clock service, so that settles which Easter service we're going to. . Still don't know plans for the rest of the day.
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Since my mom is one of the world's greatest cooks, all our holidays center on the meal... so we're hoping Mom will do her classic feast:

Yeast rolls
Harvard beets, sweet and tangy
Mashed potatoes, with just a little cream added to make them richer
Scalloped corn (that's what Mom calls it -- she invented it when she was first married: fresh cut corn with a light roux, baked in a casserole dish with butter-fried breadcrumbs on top... the ultimate comfort food...)
Sweet potatoes slow-cooked in a cast-iron skillet with butter and brown sugar
Honey-and-orange-juice-and-cloves ham, for my father and brother and nephew (Mom and I are vegetarians, but she cooks ham for the boys anyway)
Homemade Granny Smith apple pie, nice and tart, with a wedge of extra-sharp cheddar cheese or a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, your choice

And the next day, she'll use the leftover mashed potatoes as the basis for her wonderful homemade doughnuts! Life is gooooooood with Mom in the kitchen!
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Home improvements and ham! Dad-In-Law is coming down later that week to stay the weekend, to help erect a garden shed, so I have to get the guest room in order. Everything's been torn up this week, due to putting in headers and bi-fold closet doors in the master bedroom. (All of my clothes are in the guest room). And the cats are most unhappy with the guest room being junked up--that's thei day room!

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I'll be heading back home on Saturday... Sunday we'll all go to church (all my extended family... all 25 of us) and then we go to my Grandparents for dinner adn the rest of the day
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We will both be working as is the normal for us. The joys of having no kids. I feel like I'm taking the shaft most holidays because I have no kids.
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Aw, Jugen... it's nice of you to work so others can be home with their families. I know it must get old, but think how much your colleagues appreciate it!

Um... they do appreciate it, don't they?
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It sounds like we'll be spending the day with my DH's grandparents and some extended family.
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