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Because I am nervous over the pet food recall, I was wondering about offering raw hamburger at night to my cat's instead of using Fancy Feast for their treat.

They also eat Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul dry food.

I thought maybe I could freeze the hamburger in ice cube trays and thaw one cube a day for their evening treat.

What do you think?

I know that Fancy Feast has not been recalled at this point.
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Hamburger is something that doesn't "keep" well, and should be used on the day it's bought, or immediately frozen. You also have to be careful that it doesn't contain any pork, as that should never be fed raw. I'm not a raw feeder, but I suspect that cubed beef (stewing beef) would be a better choice.
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Beef is so frequently contaminated with E coli -- and it takes so very little E coli to kill -- I would never give raw beef to anyone.
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I regularly feed raw beef ... So far I nor my vet have seen any issues with anything but raw pork or fish .... if you dont regularly give raw meat try cooking it to med - rare ... and see if theyll eat it
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Another option is looking into getting pre-made raw food. I feed Nature's Variety Prairie raw medallions. You can thaw out a few at a time.
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I try raw bison sometimes. Its probably safer then beef
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I think I may try the Nature's Variety Prairie raw medallions.

I have tried stew beef before, but the cats won't eat it. Only the dog will eat it. They will all take a taste of the hamburger when I am making things with it.
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