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What did I do?

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I was just sitting here, checking the email, and happened to look up...and her Majesty, Queen Turvry Demeter, was giving me the "I'm very displeased with the servant" look.

I'm hoping that she clues me in on what it is that I have done wrong
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oh my thats a look to kill if I ever saw one

umm is it that brush that she not happy about ?
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Does she want the blinds opened?
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Who's brought the wrong Cat meat
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Oh boy!

You are in trouble
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Were you typing too loudly?
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You have displeased her... you must make it right or suffer the consequences.
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You must hand feed her cat treats - NOW!!
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Originally Posted by ReesesPBC View Post
Were you typing too loudly?
that what i was thinking.
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She was sleeping and you decided to disturb her with that flashy thing again didn't you.
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You were typing at all, that is not focusing on should know better!
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what a cutie, and how dare u not pay any attention to her and go bout checking ur email !!! She is such a cutie tho
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Mike, you should know better than to disturb the Queen!!!
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Maybe it's for a future misdeed.
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Umm how dare you play on that computer and not that sweet little princess?? Thats what she was thinking~~LOL...
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all the responses have been great!!! I loved the one about you typing too loud Whatever you did, stop doing it!
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