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Hello everyone.Its been such a long time. Oscar now has fleas. We have put a flea collar on him and we bought a 3 month supply of drops. All of the fleas that he has are on his face. He will not let us get any of them off. Its like they are friends. Any ideas on why to get the fleas to leave him alone? Any help is greatly appreciated

Ashley and oscar
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first off take the flea collar off him asap, it could make him extremely sick or even kill him. Only use for them is in a vacuum cleaner bag. I hope you went to the vet for flea drops, OTC meds expecially Hartz flea products have the same effect that flea collars do, negative!

If you used an OTC flea medication, bathe your cat in Dawn Dish Soap. You want to get that stuff off as best as possible. The Dawn will kill/stun fleas to get them off the cat and down the drain.

Then get a flea comb and comb over the cat really well. Dip the comb in soapy water each time you comb over the cat.

See how that goes and then treat him with a flea medication from the vet only. Like Advantage or Frontline. I would deworm him too because fleas and worms go hand in hand, if a cat has fleas you can just assume he has worms too.
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thank you very much. we are going to do that right now
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ooo those fleas are terrible little critters Jen has given great advice - I hope you sort Oscar out soon
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I absolutely agree with Jen. Start by taking off the flea collar and throwing it away (or put it in your vacuum bag).

If you have any bedding, wash all of it, then vacuum the heck out of your house. Fleas tend to breed in your carpets and bedding, so even if you get them off your cat, you still have your environment to treat.
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I've also heard that you can sprinkle 20 mule team borax powder on your carpets, sweep it in with a broom, leave overnight and then vacuum thoroughly. The borax dries out the larvae and kills the fleas.
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I've heard planting Lavender in your yard also helps keep fleas away if oscar is an indoor or outdoor cat it might be something to look into. If oscar is an outdoor/indor cat then treat him with frontline/or advantage and have him outdoors only if he's on a harness and leash, that way you can have better control over him and help prevent him from getting lost or hurt. Harness and leash training a cat is simple, other's on here can help you with it.
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