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I'd like another baby

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I have a gorgeous baby (Barney) who I think is 12 months old this month. He was abandoned at about 14 weeks and is Lord and Master of this household. The thing is, I'd like to get another baby but I don't want to upset Barney. Should I get a kitten (a bit scared that Barney might give him a hard time) or an older cat from the refuge (to maybe teach Barney some manners, but again worried that Barney would give him a hard time). Does anyone have any advice on this? I would really like a baby to cuddle and just be goofy with. Barney thinks he's a tough guy and will only let me nurse him a few times a day for a few minutes at a time and that's under suffrance. Any advice? I would love another baby.
Diann in Australia
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Diann - I don't think it would do any harm, but you'll need to manage the introductory period carefully.

It might actually do Barney good to have a buddy.

Let us know what you decide to do.
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Hi Diann!! Ooo I'm so jealous!! I wanna get another baby!
Going on my own experience, I would get a kitten, every time I have added a new kitty to the family, it generally went smoother with a kitten. Cats will adapt to each other eventually even if they are both adults, but it seems to take a little longer, maybe its because an adult cat is seen as more of threat?? Really though, its how you introduce them to each other, its generally not a good idea to force them together as I'm sure you know. We found it helpful to keep the new cat/kitten in its cat carrier for a little while in the middle of the room so the other cats can come and sniff and investigate with no risks. Also, I've seen on this site before that a good idea to get them used to each other is to swap their bedding or rub them down with a towel and then swap those, just so they get used to each others scent. Also, try to keep your original babies routine the same, don't change it.

Anyway, let us know what you decide, and I'm sure you're baby will be ok with whatever "size" friend you get him!
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Opie was an only cat, in his previous home and for three months, with us. We brought Rowdy in and plunked her down. At first , Opie glared at her and called her dirty names (I don't recognize the words, just the tone of voice). He, initially played with her, in self-defense. After a month or so, HE began initiating romps. Cats are pretty adaptable creatures. Opie has, even, begun sharing the couch, with the dog. They slept there, all night, last night.

I'd say, go ahead and get a new baby. They'll sort themselves out. I think that cats pick up on owners' anxieties and act out on them. I just put the new ones down and let them all get acquainted, on their own. In all my years, of keeping cats, I've never had a serious problem, with assimilation.
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Barney is still pretty young, and I'm sure he would love to have a companion to romp with. Of course, it may take a while to convince him of that! LOL Perhaps you could look for a kitty about the same age as Barney, right around 1 year. That way, he wouldn't have a totally rambunctious kitten around but rather another cat with about the same energy level and development. Just a thought. (Of course, also knowing that the older cats who don't *look* like kittens don't have as good of a chance to find good homes...)

Mary Anne (Hissy), our resident expert and feral angel, wrote an article about introducing cats in a household. And you know if she wrote it, it must be good! I'd Like You To Meet...
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There is a great article about introducing a new cat to your family right here on this site! It is on the home page and gives a lot of great suggestions! Check it out!
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I think a new baby would be great! It just takes a little time to get them used to each other, but once they are, I'm sure they will get along great!!! It would be nice for Barney to have some feline company!
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Back in May I trapped a 3 month-old feral kitten while doing my TNR. He was immediately taken under my female cat's wing. She completely mothered him, while my male cat Rocket kept his distance. (He likes his personal space and just couldn't understand why this kitten kept rubbing on him!) Now, four months later, my female is tired of being jumped on by this romping teenager, but the male cat has stepped in and is taking pretty good care of the baby! I come home all the time and find the two of them snuggled up together, Rocket grooming the baby!

So, get the kitty you want (keeping in mind your other baby's personality) and then let them work it out! They will be ok, just love them all equally and they will be ok!

Good luck!
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Hi Diann,

It's late and I am wondering if I read your post right? You nurse a 12 month old cat?

A buddy for your cat is a good idea. I need to explain this article that I wrote though. I deal with feral cats only- so anything I write is geared towards them. In domesticated cats, the introductions do not have to be so extensive, but it is a good idea to keep them apart until the new kitty has been vet checked and cleared of diseases. I would recommend at least a few days to keep them separated and exchange the bedding a few times to mix their scents. Good luck. I am also going to move this to the Behavior forum for you.
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