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Eye Color Change

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to the site but everyone's already provided such a wealth of information. Hopefully someone can help me out with my kitty's issue.

Quick background: she's an indoor cat, about 13 years old. She's been treated for hyperthyroid disease and she's taking Soloxine (to maintain thyroid function), Norvasc (for high blood pressure) and Calcitriol (for kidney values). I noticed that about a week ago that she spent one Sunday squinting one eye and that eye was watery as well. The water wasn't colored; it's like she was just tearing up in that eye. She didn't seem to be in pain but I left a message at my vet's office anyway. They said if it doesn't change to bring her in.

The next day she seemed fine. She wasn't squinting and they watery eye stopped. I watched her closely over the next few days and everything seemed all right. In the last 4 days though it seems that eye has started to darken. Her eyes are normally a light greenish-gold and the once-irritated eye has darkened to a deep gold/light brown. I've looked close and there doesn't seem to be any scratches. I've also checked her vision by tossing cotton balls across her line-of-sight and it doesn't look like she's losing vision in that eye.

I'm going to call my vet tomorrow but does anyone have any ideas? She's not acting any different but I'm concerned about the change in eye color since it's now pretty noticeable. Maybe it would help to know that this whole eye ordeal started between filling scripts of her Calcitriol (about a 4 day laps w/out it).

Thanks for your help!
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Could she have bumped into anything? I know there is a condition called uveitis that will make their eyes turn a rusty color,but if it is getting darker or browner,she may have injured it and have bleeding inside her eye. Of course,it could be frrom her medicine,but calling the vet is a great idea. There is just so many things it could be. I sure hope it isn't anything serious!
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