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Could something be wrong?

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Ok I didn't know if this should go here or under ferals so I put it here. My roomate and I took in a very skinny dirty kitty on friday. on satuday we took her to the vet and did the FIV/FeVL test and everything turned out perfect and we found out she is most likely already fixed. BUT my question is should she really be this tired? she has done nothing but sleep since friday. I wake her up every few hours and take her to the litter box but she just lays down next to it and sleeps. she has used it and we got her to eat but she just goes right back to sleep. Should I be worried?
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Take her back to the vet or another one. I did have a similar experience once with a stray (who became a wonderful pet) and he had worms and fleas and parasites that the vet took care of right away, but he slept a lot the first week or so (on my chest), as if he needed it from who knows where he was previously. However, he was only 4-5 mos. old and not AS sleepy as yours, and wasn't really skinny. I'd worry about feline leukemia, or so many other things, and your vet should really do a proper once-over quickly.
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I don't think being that tired is normal. Scared and frightened, yes, but not lethargic. I would take the kitty back to the vet and ask for a full blood workup, fecal exam, and test for worms or any parasites. Be persistent and be willing to try another vet if you don't feel like you're getting any answers.

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