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Upper Respitory??

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Ashie has seemed to be a little withdrawn lately....spending most of her time upstairs (we have a full-redone attic that she loves). Although she does love being up there, she has always come down once or twice during the day and for a while in the evening, but lately...just really comes down to eat and back up she goes.

Last night I went up to check on her and I did notice that she seems 'stuffy' (I can hear her breath) and her nose seemed a little mucousy. I have had heard her sneeze a few times in the last few days, too.

I thought, though, that this (URI) is pretty rare in a cat that is an indoor cat and is the ONLY cat. Can she get it still???

Would it cause her to kind of be withdrawn like that? She isn't hiding under beds or anything like that and this morning, I did coax her into our room and she slept with me for a while....but overall, she has been just kind of keeping to herself.

My husband tells me not to worry..but it is hard not to. It isn't like she can tell me what is going on!
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My kitty just had an URI in early February. She had runny eyes and a little runny nose and she sneezed all the time. Her behavior was that she was very lethargic and didn't have that pep in the morning, even when I give her breakfast. Another indicator was that her appetite was decreasing.

Sounds like your cat has a URI. My kitty is the only one in the house so I'm sure it's possible. My vet said we can transfer a URI if someone else's kitty has one! I had to put her on liquid meds for about 2 weeks (can't remember the name, Amoxicillin?) in a dropper. Within about 3 days she was much better and I finished the prescription as told.

URIs I believe are mostly harmless but I'd get it taken care of ASAP.
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If it goes on for more then 5-7 days I would take her to the vet. She probably has a URI. My cats are both indoors and get URI's all the time. I usually wait about a week because sometimes they will run just run their course; but other times they will need antibiotics. Especially if you can hear her weezing, she may be having trouble breathing. A course of antibiotics will clear it right up.
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