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Good To Be Back In The 'Modern World Of Electricity'...

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My family got a little taste of living without the comfort of electricity yesterday. We had a huge storm come through our area the night before, in the early hours of the morning. It was about 5 a.m. actually and around 5:30, a huge bolt of lightning hit the box on the electric pole in our front yard. The thing blew up! All I saw, looking into the backyard through my bedroom window, was that the entire world turned an awful, sickly green colour. Alex Jr, who's bedroom faces the front yard, saw the box explode actually...it was pretty creepy. According to him, the lightning hit right by his window and 'travelled up through the front yard'...sounds creepy! Anyway, it knocked out the electricity in our all-electric home. Reliant said over 40,000 customers were without service so it might take a while for them to get to us. However...we were the only ones who reported an outage in our area, which was sorta strange. We looked over at our neighbor's home and they were all lit up...so was the B&B across the street from us. Looks like we were the lucky ones. We waited several hours and no one showed up. We called back and were told someone had been dispatched.

An hour and a half later...we were still waiting and when we called them were told the same but also told to check back every hour with them. Naomi had the day off and she had no plans to go out...she wanted to ''watch a movie in my room and COOK SOMETHING!!!'' LOL!...

When night fell, it was a good thing I love candles and have lots of them in every room...we lit up the place with our candles...making sure Elora y Mia couldn't get to them. It gave the whole house a special glow to it...every room, including bathrooms, lit up with candles. Just the same, I was anxious to get my ceiling fans going again...it was a cool evening but living out here in the woods there were just too many creepy crawly things out chirpin' & croakin' & peepin' for my comfort so we just closed the windows and it was getting stuffy!

An hour later...still nothing.

Last I remember calling them, it was almost 9:00 at night and still nothing. Shortly afterwards though, our 'saviour' drove up in his bucket truck and within I'd say 30 minutes we were electric again! Alex Jr & Naomi had been sittin' on the bed of one of our trucks in the driveway (gettin' chewed up by mosquitoes) while the guy worked on our pole. All of a sudden the hubby & I heard shouts of joy coming from the driveway when the outdoor flood lights came on!!! We were soooo excited...like little kids!

I'll tell ya, I just had never sat down to think of how much I depend on electricity...and how helpless I can be without it.

I know this was a powerful, huge storm that covered much of Texas and all of Oklahoma...was anyone else affected by it?

Glad to be back here too!

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We always get the outages when the weather is warmer. No air and you can't open a window because the rain is coming in every one!

I love modern conveniences.
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My neighbor across the alley stopped Dh and asked him if we had electricity yesterday. Apparently he didn't but we did. Weird.
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I'm glad they got it fixed relatively fast! I HATE being without power. When I lived in Guam, we had a typhoon and our neighborhood didn't get power back for almost a month! Hence why I no longer live in Guam! How did our ancestors do it???
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Yikes! We had a transformer box get struck by my home when I was little living in NY. We were living in apartment complexes at the time, but they were more like townhouses in a U shape. I can still vividly remember waht the sky looked like from the burning of the box and all. I couldn't see the actual thing because it was around the other side of the U.

I'm glad you all have your electricity and are safe too!
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Wow - that's must have been scary when it hit! I hate power outages! We were without power for days a couple of summers ago in the big blackout that affected US and Canada - I'm in Ontario. It was really freaky - not even any radio stations in the car except for one down in the States that had power and was coming through!
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I'm glad everything is O.K. Something like that makes you aware of how prepared you are for an emergency.

We happen to live close to the Legislature Building, so we are luckily on the priority one grid!

I love those wild Texas storms.
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About 6 maybe 7 years ago we had a huge storm here which uprooted a ton of very large trees left us without power for a week. We ran a power thing off the car and were watching TV!! Good thing we had a gas stove so we could eat and it was cold enough outside we stuck the stuff on the porch in a cooler and it kept upto temp no problem! Glad to hear no one was hurt and that everything came out fine!
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