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Here he is!!

Hes so little!! And I didnt get a pic real close, but you can see/feel his ribs
and also check out his nails!! Yikes!!
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Hi Oreo! You really lucked out What a sweetheart. How anyone could dump someone so precious is beyond me. Looks like this was meant to be though
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So sweet! Somebody dumped him??? I must have missed that. Looks like you got a keeper!
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oh my ! what a sweetheart - give him some special tummy rubs from us
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He's a cutie. Good luck with the nails! We have an ongoing problem with our pup. His dew claws are in desperate need of a clipping but it's such an ordeal! He's come a long way since we got him from the shelter, but toe nail clipping is still a big problem for him. Hopefully Oreo won't have any lasting issues.
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Oh, he's such a cute little guy.
I'll never understand how people can just throw away their animals like they were garbage!
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Oh my gosh, look at those nails! Poor little dude, he's such a cutie. You can see how bony his chest is too.
I hope he finds a home with humans who deserve him.
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