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Our Kitties

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Our newest cat, Jolie

The rest (Jack is currently missing)

Thanks for looking
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Jolie reminds me of my Molly! Very pretty kitties. What happened to Jack?
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One of the screens fell in our window and most of the cats had gotten outside before we noticed. We got all the girls back in pretty easy but we never found a trace of Jack. We have hope he will find his way home.

He is intact still. All of our females were spayed so it didn't seem a horrible thing to let it go a while longer when money was tight. Them we ended up with Jolie who was intact as well so they were kept seperate. Both were sceduled to go in on the 4th to get fixed but then a few days later the window thing happened.

We;ve had Jack about six months... we found him in our backyard. He was so sick and sad.

I'd washed all the goo off his eyes before taking that pic.

My nephews mom called my mom and told her that her cat was left at their apartment and the neighbor was supposed to feed it but didn't. She said she was almost dead from starvation so when my mom asked if we'd take her we said yes (of course) but she was in ok shape when she got here. A few days later they tried to pawn their other cat off on us too but we said no. That's why we ended up with Jolie. Before that my husband and I agreed that Jack completed our cat family.

I'm sorry to babble, I try not to think about him so I don't get so upset but I really miss him. He was a big baby and scared of even going into rooms he wasn't used to in our house so I don't understand how he'd run off so quickly. He always purred even we just walked by him. We have looked, the kids have looked, the neighbors have looked and he's just gone.

I do still have hope. It'd been about 1.5 weeks now. I won't give up on him.
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Alley is in love with Jolie, but please do not tell Persi about this!
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All your kitties are adorable! I love the pic of them all sleeping together, so sweet!

I'm sorry to hear about Jack. I know how you feel, I lost one of my cats a couple weeks ago. Finally got him back after 8 days. This is website with good advice: Good luck
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Your kitties are pretty. I hope Jack is back soon!
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aww, i hope you find him soon, i love wiskers hes a stunner!
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o my what stunning kitties u have they are all sooo GORGEOUS

And like I said in ur other post, keep up the hope and post things everywhere as long as u believe and have the hope I honestly believe all is going to work out and like I said also in the other post I understand what u are going through

here are some {{{come home soon jack vibes}}}
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I so hope Jack makes it back home! Your little Jolie reminds me of Daphne. All your babies are wonderful.
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They all look so content, smiles on! Hope Jack finds his way back, I know what you mean about him being skiddish, Maia is the same way.
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Originally Posted by SugarGlider View Post
Our newest cat, Jolie

The rest (Jack is currently missing)

Thanks for looking
I'm so envious, how I wish I could have my 5 on the bed like that
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Your cats are all so very beautiful. The lost pet website posted above is a great place to start for information. I hope your sweet Jack can find his way home. I'll be sending lots of "go home" vibes to him.
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I'm sorry to hear about your cat, Jack. I hope he comes back too! I know Friday night Jaden pushed out the screen in a window and got out. Luckily we got her back inside in a few minutes, but it was terrifying. I'm glad you got your other kitties back!

Jolie is beatuiful! Gorgeous, in fact! Oh, and she's not a calico, in case you were wondering. She's a patch tabby and white. You can see the tabby pattern is clearly defined in the red areas. Enjoy her tons!
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Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! Jack is back!!!

(I didn't know about the color but I'll be back to comment on that)
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You have gorgeous fur-babies
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