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Visiting Louise's dad

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Orion likes visiting my father and Dad loves having him there.
Last time we visited I took some photos and thought I'd share them with you

First one...making himself right at home...
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He loves sitting with Dad
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What a smoochy boy!
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great pics. that's what sami looks like everyone!!!
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Aww great pics!! he looks like a real sweetie!! I can't help but chuckle when I see a cat in a harness though, we don't ever see that over here, its a great idea though!
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Yeah - I tried putting mine in harnesses - ouch!!

I was ok after I'd got residual cat claws out of my arms and legs, but I never tried it again!!!!
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:LOL: :LOL: Bless ya for trying!! I won't even attempt it!
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Good pictures! BTW, it looks like your dad lives in a nursing home (long-term care facility.)
I happen to work in a nursing home and so I know that it does sooooo much to brighten the lives of the people when pets come to visit!!!!!!

Definitely keep bringing Orion along on all your visits to your dad!
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What sweet pics! How great that you take Orion to visit with your dad!
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Orion's fine with the harness but he only walks where he wants to...lol
Yep Dad is in a nursing home and everyone there enjoys Orion's visits. I was very happy when they told me it was ok to bring him along. I visit him every couple of days so Orion doesn't come every time, but every month or so I take him along.
They used to have a resident cat there but I haven't seen him in a while so I guess he disappeared somewhere...pity.
I'll just have to keep taking Orion to visit everyone then
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Orion sure is a well traveled kitty cat! You can tell in the pics that your Dad really likes Orion, and that Orion really likes him too.
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Louise, thanks for posting the pictures of your dad and Orion! What great pictures!!!! My dad was also in a nursing home for awhile, and so was my mother....I wish I could have brought some of my pets in to see them then....I think pets really do wonders for people who have to be inside alot. Thanks for sharing them with us!
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That's great that they let you take Orion to the nursing home, and it looks like your dad really likes him and that the feeling is mutual!
I volunteer at two nursing homes, unfortunetly, if people want to bring pets, they have to be certified therapy pets. It's a pity, but I see where they're coming from. When I get out of school and can afford it, I'm hoping to raise a cat or a dog to be a therapy pet.
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Yes I was surprised that they said it was ok for people to do that. We make sure Orion is well behaved whilst he's there and don't take him too frequently because I don't want to cause any hassles for anyone.
So far so good anyway...everyone seems to love having him there and he just soaks in all the attention...lol
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