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and vibes for a good outcome
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I'm so sorry your kitties have been affected by this recall mess. But I'm very glad they are getting taken care of. I hear with aggressive support (IV's etc.) they are having good success. So I'm counting on yours being in that group!
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Just checking in for an update.
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Just thinking about you and your babies and praying for a good outcome.
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Juno's home. I brought her home Mon. night along with some liquid medication and a pill to stimulate her appetite. She is not taking too well to either. She's impossible to catch to administer the liquid and when I sneak up on her she lets it all dribble out. But she's doing better. She's eating and acting somewhat normal. At least she's home. Thanks to all for your concerns.
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That's wonderful news.
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I'm so glad both of your babies are home now.
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Very happy for you that she is home
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I hope they both continue to improve and soon fully recover.
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I'm glad she's home, what a nervous time for you. Good luck with giving the meds, they don't like it but its for their own good. Best wishes.
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So glad both of your girls are home again.
Did the vet give you a long-term prognosis for them? Hopefully, this mess will clear up with no lingering effects.
Still sending loads of (((healing vibes))) to your little ones.
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Sweetie and Juno remain in my thoughts.
I am so glad that they are home with you.
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I'm so glad they're home with you!

I hope the long term prognosis is good. !!!!

My heart, thoughts, vibes and prayers go out to ALL kitties affected by this tragedy!

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Yeah!!! Two more that made it!!!
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I just read that your kitties are home and doing better! Hugs and vibes that they improve everyday.
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So glad they're home!! Here's hoping for continued improvement.
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I'm so happy your babies are back home!
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How are your kitties doing.
Mine are still under care from eating recalled food.
Did you see the Senate hearing yesterday?
Very scary....
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What Senate hearing????
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