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Now Juno is in the hospital from recalled

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I brought Sweetie hom Fri. night and took my other kitty, Juno, in yesterday. When I came home from work Fri. Juno had vomitted in four different areas. I called the vet's office and they said to keep an eye on her. As of Saturday she wasn't eating and just hiding. My grandson had to get her and I took her to the ER Clinic. The vet was there and she said Juno's staying especially after just releasing Sweetie the night before. She displayed the same symptoms. In a way I worry more about Juno. She must be so scared. She's a feral 11 mo. old and I'm the only person she will let pet her. She runs and hides whenever anyone comes to the door. She won't even let me pick her up. The vet said they will sedate her to get an IV line in and take blood. She really needs all your good vibes. I called the Menu hot line today and gave them all the info. They should at least pay the vet bills. What a mess this food recall is.
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Juno is in my prayers as was Sweetie!!
I'm so sorry for your babies!!

I'd keep all of your vet receipts. In my opinion, you should be able to get the brand to reimburse you. I bet there is an attorney who could help you with that. Not all are evil.
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Sending lots of )))vibes((( for Juno.
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I was hoping that Juno was getting better. Sending "get well and stay calm" vibes to the little darling.
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Get well vibes poor baby.
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I am so sorry to hear about your kitties becoming ill.
It is a nightmare.
Be sure to call the company who manufactured the food, and the FDA.
The FDA needs more info about kitties who have been sickened by the recalled food.

Lots of calming vibes are on the way for all of you.
I'll be watching for your updates.
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I'm sending lots of get well vibes for Juno, as well as continued ones for Sweetie.
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Many get well vibes for your babies.
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Tons of {{{vibes}}} to Juno, Sweetie, & you!
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That is such bad news. Good vibes for poor little Juno. ANd also of course for Sweetie that she continues to recover.
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Poor kitties. I hope they recover quickly.
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I am sending total recovery vibes to both your sweeties.
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Which one of the foods were you feeding?
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I'm so sorry about your poor babies. {{{healthy vibes}}} to Juno and to Sweetie too.
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Poor little Juno! What an ordeal this has been for you. I do hope she's able to come home soon. Continuing to send those (((healing vibes))) to both of your girls.
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I hope Sweetie and Juno are both home soon, happy and healthy. This is a scary time for pet owners, and my heart goes out to the three of you. I think I saw on the Menu site that they will pay owner's pet bills.
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Sending healing vibes your way for both of your babies!!

I've had to hospitalize semi-ferals. They are not nearly as traumatized as I am when I leave them there. Try to set your mind at ease about Juno being scared. She is sick so doesn't care as much right now. She will get angry at being at the hospital once she is feeling better. That is your sign that she is ready to come back home.

If you haven't done so, warn your vet that she is semi-feral so that they can make sure they don't leave her cage open. Last semi-feral that I had to hospitalize tried the great escape on the day he started feeling better. It took the vets about an hour to catch him.
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Here are some feel better soon and quick recovery vibes for Juno and Sweetie. Hugs and positive thoughts to all.
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Oh my - lots of vibes coming for sweet Juno and some for you too, this must be driving you crazy, take care
Hoping Sweetie is keeping good too
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I'll send good thoughts for Juno...hopefully this mess gets straightened out soon.
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Sending vibes for your kitty. I hope everything turns out alright.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Which one of the foods were you feeding?
I had just used a few pouches of Special Kitty bought from Wal-Mart and a few cans of Fancy Feline which I got at Aldis. My daughters Chester who also was sick was on a lot of Special Kitty. Chesters vet bill was over $700 and Sweeties was $425. I don't know what Juno's will be. Regularly they get wet Friskies and dry Nutro Natural, Iams and Juno's favorite is junkie Meow Mix. I had used Iams, special diet and someother premium wet brand but they wouldn't eat it. I'm going to try to switch over to a premium wet food again. I spoke to the wet tonight and she thought Juno may come home tomorrow. I'm hoping. All these poor kitties, what are they going to eat as this recall expands. I hope this ends soon.
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Try getting foods at www.Naturapet.com
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Sending a ton of vibes to you, Juno and Sweetie!!
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Sending lots of get well vibes to your precious babies.
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More calming hugs and healing vibes are on the way for you and your sweetie pies.
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Good vibes for your kitties. I hope they stay strong and recover.

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Sending big (((HUGS))) your way for you and your babies. This whole thing is just awful. I keep wondering when it will end...
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Sending many good vibes to your sweet babies.
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and lots of healing vibes. I'm so sorry to hear about your kitties.
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