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DH is Mowing the Grass!!!

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Actually he's weed-whacking at the moment! The girls do not care for the sound!

Spring is really here I guess! We've got some spots where the grass is so tall it's leaning back over so we're even overdue! But I think we are the first in our neighborhood......not too surprised by that!

Anyone else had to start mowing yet?
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Not in this neck of the woods! We just lost the last (at least I hope it was the last) of our snow not that long ago!
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Not even close here. The grass is barely green
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The grass is green just kinda sprung up over night! But, around our house its still nothing but dirt. We're having the topsoil delivered next week and then we'll plant grass and everything else. I can't wait until we actually have a lawn!!
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Colin's on the riding mower right now doing our yard. The dogs are going bonkers inside the house wanting to go outside and see what he's doing
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Nope, but a ton of people around here are raking up what didn't go last year!
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Nope, not yet. I hear someone mowing right now as I am typing though I have seen people mowing for about a week or so now.

DH said he refuses to mow in March
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We don't mow... our landlord does! (We live in an apartment) but our a lady that lives in a house down the street was mowing last week actually
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Our yard is too much of a mud hole right now...we have A LOT of work to do. It's been raining for the past 4 days, and we need to finish raking, and cleaning up the yard, then we have to patch up the areas the dogs destroyed, I have to mend the garden, etc., etc. It's going to be a process from you-know-where...if the ground ever dries up.
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I believe in equal rights....DW is Mowing the Grass!
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Rob mowed yesterday for the first time. Would have sooner, but MArch was so wet, it was practically a swamp out there. However, it was deemed dry enough not to swallow the lawn mower this weekend, and far too long to leave.
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I just came in from mowing ours. We had a lot of rain last week and over the weekend and it seemed to spring up overnight. It's a little early to have to mow around here but, with all the warm weather we've been having, everything's growing.
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Um, I have been mowing my yard for the last 4-5 weeks here..I have some rye grass that just keeps growing and growing and growing.
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We need to do that!
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Yep. I volunteered to do it so my hubbie could work on the taxes! Usually don't have to mow this early yet, but our grass had been neglected as it was for sale most of last year so it was overdue before it was even green! Did it Sunday. No one else on the street seems to have started mowing yet, though...
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