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Quill Caught a Mouse!

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His First Mouse ....

It was so funny, he was actually following the mouse and sniffing it to see what it was rather than playing with it. I had no trouble scooping the little thing up with a colander, then - bare feet (VERY COLD!!!!!), penguin pj's, messy morning hair and all - went to the park around the corner and released it. I think it was a female trying to find some nesting spot, she was really slow and kind of waddled a little. I hope she finds what she's looking for and pops her babies without a problem. But Quill, omg, he was so cute .... He's such a gentle boy in the first place, probably thinking "Mom told me about these things called "MICE" .... I didn't realise they were so BIG!" and his expression was hilarious. I'm thinking though that it was his April Fool joke,
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Awww Quill .....Glad you saved the little mouse
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Awww what a sweetie! I'm glad you were able to save the little mouse
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What a nice present for you!
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Cats are so cute when they catch mice!!!!! So proud.
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Aw, thank you for letting the mouse go. In an apartment where I once lived, I was standing barefoot in the bathroom after a shower when a tiny brown mouse came scurrying out of the linen closet and ran right across my foot on the way to his little mousie hole under the cabinet... and I just had to laugh. I know I was supposed to go EEEK and race out to buy some poison, but I just didn't have the heart...
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She was too sweet, and besides I would never try to hurt her. We have lots of mice in the basement but we never see them too much, they're just part of the joys of living in an old house And I'm very proud of Quill, he's the gentlest kitty I've ever known.
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Lol I had to do the same thing about a year ago. It was like 5 in the morning and Zoe was running around the bedroom so I got up to see what she was doing. Turned on the light and there was a cute little gray mouse. I had to take poor little Zoe out of the room and got the mouse in a shoe box. I drove down the road a little ways and let the little guy go. My husband thought I was crazy for going down the road so I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one
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I would have freaked but any time I find a mouse Tavia caught its already dead.
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My girls act tough, but I think if they saw a real mouse they'd run away! Or maybe just chase and sniff, like Quill did.
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