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Horrible Accident! Jack loses a leg!

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April Fools!
: OK Sorry I couldn't resist! I thought this photo was kinda neat then Fran pointed out that his leg was "missing" Don't be too mad at me!
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Oh, you are bad! Bad! Bad!
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Oh thats horrible!

Don't do that again
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You got me - you are very bad
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i thought it was real
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Actually my partner got me this morning as well with an april fool and i didn't find it funny, but then that's the whole idea isn't it
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oh yeah - I'd forgotten it was April 1st many hot toddies last night

Good one !
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Ahhhh... this is the second April Fool I have spotted and I haven't even gotten a paper yet
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hahaha - too funny. you got me too.
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oh, my, i was scared at first.
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It would have been much more convinging if you had the story of him loosing his leg. Good effort though!
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OMG! You are bad.
I am so glad that Jack is OK but he should be mad at you.
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That wasn't very nice.

You deserve some salt in your sugarbowl for that one.
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Bad Bad Bad Bad
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That is a real pic, and I've been saving it for weeks!
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It's a cute pic of him none the less!!!
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We have a picture of Sammy where he looks like he's missing a limb. Cute picture of Jack! Happy April Fools Day to you to.
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Shame shame shame!!

Actually I kinda thought about it being April fools and wondered if it was a joke.

Bad on you though!!
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