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Does anyone give their cats vitamins?
I wan to give them one that I found today.
It is Hartz Everyday Chewable Vitamins. Are they safe?
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vitamins and the need if any for supplementation is something to address with a vet....

i do supplement but it is what I feed that needs some extras

As with anything read the label
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It's to keep them healthy and taste like liver.
This is supposed to keep them healty with healthy skin and shiny coat.
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I would go for more of a holistic approach, like directly adding certain oil to the diet for skin and coat or adding something else for a specific thing. Saying a vitamin is good for overall health just seems a little fishy to me And Hartz is usually junk anyways. Seems unnecessary to me, better to feed them a healthy food and keep them exercised and checked by the vet occationally. Too much of a seemingly good thing can be bad in the end.
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Jen. You are right. With all these recalls, it will be better be safe than sorry and I will not give it to them.
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If you serve good food they shouldn't need a supplement. On Natural Balance's website for example they state NOT to feed additional vitamins with their food.
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