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Kittens are having sex too young?

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I got two kittens about 4 months ago. They were "probably" 5-6 weeks old at the time. So I am guessing they are now about 5.5 months.

One is male and the other is female. I thought they were brother and sister, but if they are then they are now having an incestuous relationship.

My question is can the female get pregnant at this age? I have not bothered getting them fixed yet since I though they would not be having sex until they were a couple months older. I also did not think brother and sister would desire sex with one another.

Then again, I am not really sure if they are having sex or just playing around. I caught the male trying to mount the female but she was resisting. He had to bite her in the back of the neck and push her head to the floor in order to make her stay in place. She then rolled over and escaped. But for the last her days since I saw this the male has been chasing her around.

At first I thought I would buy him a pack of smokes, a bottle of rum and maybe some small condoms.

But now I am thinking I do not want a bunch of kittens especially since I live in Latin America where there are few people who take care of cats very well anyway. So is it too soon to get them fixed? Can she actually get pregnant at his age or are they just playing around? I am not concerned about the cost of the surgery, I can them both done on Monday if needed.

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If you do not want kittens, you need to have them both fixed right away. They are both now old enough to have kittens and they do not have the same taboos as humans about brother and sister. I don't know if the female is in heat, and if she is not, that is good. But the sooner you get them neutered, the better.
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Yes females can get pregnant at 4 months old by 4 month old males!. Keep them separated till you get them spayed and neutered. If you can only do one at a time, do the female first. The male can still get her pregnant within a month after being neutered.
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Cats don't know what 'incest' means so they have no taboo against it. Yep, five and a half months is just about the brink of sexual maturity; she can get pregnant at this age. It would be about as bad as a 10-11 year old human getting pregnant, though--she would probably be too small to have kittens properly; and if she did, she might not make a very good mother. Their close relationship of course presents additional problems--birth defects and unhealthy kittens are more likely.

You have seen them displaying mating behavior--it is possible she is in the very first stages of pregnancy; so it is imperative you get her done right away. Separate them until they are fixed. The male will be fertile for a month after his surgery, so get her done first.
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If you can neuter them both on Monday then I would do it asap! No reason to wait, I have my kittens done at 8-12 weeks. Do not let them have contact with each other because she can and will get pregnant. They have no idea that they are siblings.
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They dont' care that they are brother and sister. And they are old enough to get pregnant. So I would make an appoitment and separate them. Especially if youd don't want kittens. But she may be pregnant already. And with her so young and the kittens being inbred it probably won't go so well.
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Cats aren't human so they don't have the same social mores we do. They have no idea that they are siblings, they don't have a scale of what is right or wrong in this process - it is all instinct. And, the instinct is very strong. The most loving thing to do would be to get them both spayed/neutered as soon as you can. Not only will it halt the mating behaviors, but it is healthier for both cats in the long run. Good luck
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