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Finaly Pics!

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Here are some recent pics of my fur babys. I hope this works.

Thats the Loki monstrer, the cat with a tinfoil lined tummey.
Ps: pay no attention to the cords behind the cat we had electrical problems in the kitchen

My handsome man Woden, he's my big baby.

And the ever so hard to find Phantom, the former stray.

One more before I go.

Phantom and Woden
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Gorgeous furkids!
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They are so sweet! I LOVE black and white kitties! Loki reminds me of a friend's cat, Bandit. And he lives up to his name...he steals anything he can get his paws on. They are adorable!
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Sometime i'll have to get pics of wodens "Soft side" where his one spot is a heart shape.. it's so cute. And Loki lives up to his name 10 fold lol he is such a trubble maker.
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Yay - great pictures. What cute babies.
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o my what cuties u have
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Horray! They are so beautiful. I love black & white babies! They remind me of a childhood cat named patches. They look so sweet!
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They are precious!
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Adorable babies
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Awwwwww how sweet are they!
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aww I love B&W kitties - as I have and black kitties, cos I have a black one too
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