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~How to get her to deliver where I WANT her 2~

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~No No probably has 2 weeks or less due (guess) before she delivers. I have a huge house, 3 story and a basement that all the animals have access to. She tends to stay on the second floor mainly because nobody is usually up there. I have a XXL dog crate, big enough that 2 adults can get into, and I have it all fixed up for her.(Crib bumper around the edge, few layers of asorbant pads, and in one half is fleece blanket, nice and soft place for her and the babies. The other half has a corner litter box, on the door is food and water dish attached.

This is the IDEAL place for her to have them since I have another cat and alittle Yorkie that is TOO affectionate. She NEVER goes in there on her own though. Im worried that being as friendly as she is that she will have them in one of her normal napping places (my bed, kids beds, on top the air hockey table etc) and Im really worried. This is her first litter. I have no clue when she is actually due because she was a stray and was pregnant before I took her in.

How can I convince her this is where she needs to have these babies. I put her in the crate, door open of couse so she doesnt feel trapped, and put treats inside the crate etc. She eats them and leave the crate never to return unless I have food in hand. My house is too big for her to just have them anywhere because there is TONS of hiding places. If you have already had your kittens, where did you cat have them?
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I would confine her to a small room with the crate in it. Then she will use it. Otherwise you risk her having them any place. My females were caged from about 2 weeks prior to having them.
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yes confine her to a room with the crate in it and also I have had luck draping a large blanket over the top of the crate. Have the back end and the sides covered so it seems like a safe darker place to have them. She probably would go there as opposed to having them right out in the open.
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i agree with the above posters.confine her to a quiet room with her litter tray , food and water. either use a large dog crate or a box either way line them with towls or blankets. some people dont like to use a crate because if a problem arises they cant always get in to help. but if you do some cats done like to be locked in so just leave it open for her to get used to it. i always confined mine once they was about 7 weeks gone. good luck.
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I don't have more advice to add than the others but do want to share another reason why separating is important to do. When I was a kid, my parents didn't spay their cats. When they would have kittens, our dogs (poodles) would grab them and drag them away from mom. They killed kittens that way. The dogs didn't mean to, just had no clue what was happening. So us kids would keep a close watch and the second the cat would start delivery, the dogs were locked out of the room. Watching a kitten die was a very bad lesson for us.
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