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I need to get kicked in the behind

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Alright, I just have a few weeks left until the end of the semester, and I have to finish all my papers and my thesis in that time.

So what am I doing tonight? nothing. I'm just so lazy.

I have a book I need to finish soon for one of my papers, and it's probably one of the hardest book I've read so far. I'm up to page 186, and I want to read up to AT LEAST 204 tonight (the end of the chapter I'm on).
Then I would like to either read another chapter, or prepare the outline for another paper.

So who wants to kick me??

I'm turning off my computer now, and if I come back to the forum again tonight without having finished at least that one chapter, you are officially allowed to beat me silly.

I'm off.
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I'm kicking you in the be-hind like that shoe in Mouse Trap.

I've been in your same situation pretty recently and believe you me, 7:00 am hopped up on Red Bull trying to finish that paper you let slip all quarter is no place fun.

I always have to set due dates for myself that are before the real due date or I'd fail out of school. Such a chronic procrastinator, it's like I can't do anything until I'm having a panic attack about whether or not there is actually enough time left to do it (I once wrote a 25-pg paper start-to-finish in 24 hours).

Do as I say, not as I do
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Come on Wormy, you can do it!
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Well, she's not back on yet!
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Good luck hon! I'm a bad procrastinator too, so I feel your pain. Many, many all nighters in college. Just keep telling yourself you work best under pressure!
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I'm back.

Thanks for the words of encouragement and kicks.

Before you start beating me up, I've finished reading that chapter... AND I made an outline for that other paper

Now I'm off to bed and I'll do some more work tomorrow.
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LOL I'm in your same position, except I officially only have 6 days of class left. I'm sitting here on TCS instead of finishing the 6 assignments I need to get done this weekend *Faints* lol. I'm nearly done the essay I'm working on right now, and then I have to write up a unit plan all formal tomorrow, plus I have to do a geology assignmetn and make a purrrfessional portfolio for my edpsych class...bla blah the list goes on...let's kick each other's butts to get a move on!~
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