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More Punka Vibes, please

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Well, I know I've asked for vibes for my grandfather (my Punka) before, and I need to ask for them again.

He is having trouble breathing and has had a series of asthma attacks, each one worse than the one before. He bounces back to the point where he can sit up and speak, but they don't have him eating on his own yet. This seems to happen every time they move him somewhere. He had a fall and didn't hurt anything, but it set off these attacks. Last night was the worst, but he's stable enough today that they want to remove him from the hospice and put him into a regular assisted living facility. So I suppose that's good news? Ian and I are arranging a visit out there as soon as he's done being moved.

My Punka and I are very close, and I'm one of the few relatives that he remembers (he's beginning to suffer from dementia as he's 87 years old). I know it's selfish to think this, but I really want to see him at my wedding and I DEFINITELY don't want him to have this pain and I know it must be terrifying.

I just need vibes or prayers, whatever you are comfortable with and think will help, that he continues to improve and can safely make it into assisted living without another attack.
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I am sorry to hear about your Punka. Many healing <<vibes>> and prayers are coming his way..
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I have prayed for him. I hope he continues to improve .
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Bless your heart for staying so close to your grandpa! And it surely does sound like GREAT news that they think he can leave the hospice! I'm sending love and light for his well-being, and I hope he'll be able to dance at your wedding...
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Mega {{{vibes}}} to your punka! I really hope he can make it to your wedding....that would just make the memory even more special....
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Many many prayers for Punka. Many(((healing))) vibes to him.
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Thank you so much everyone

An update: last night, he had another attack, which was pretty bad, but they were able to stabilize him again. He IS breathing on his own, but still not eating. He will see the doctor tomorrow, as it's just been nurses all weekend (but always a good sign that he didn't need to have an emergency room trip or anything). We'll know more then about how he's doing and where he will go.
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Many healing vibes to your grandfather. It is not selfish to want him at your wedding. It is one of the most important days of your life and you want the most important people to be there. All that tells me is how much you care for your grandfather. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts.

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Lots of )))vibes((( for your Grandfather
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Lots of for him!
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Your Punka is in my prayers!
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