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This bengal is NOT flying..........

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Thread Starter least not literally.

The actor, Itsy, was compensated for his participation in this public service announcement.

This is your cat

This is your cat on catnip......................................any questions?
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Look at the size of that tongue!! Do i see some of his whiskers half black and half white?.

He's really gorgeous
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OMG he is just STUNNING
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to fly or not is a question...
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He is beautiful!
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Even on catnip, you're bengals are gorgeous!
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o my I am just speechless, soooo GORGEOUS , just simply BEAUTIFUL and GORGEOUS, and those eyes those pics are great and that second one is so great I it both pics i love, such a cutie pie u have, all of ur bengals are so gorgeous
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He is so beautiful. I love the soft look of the first picture, by the way.
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Hahahaa great pics!!!! I can't believe his coat, he looks so soft and glossy - look at his head in the second photo, he's amazing.
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Oh so so beautiful!
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Ahhhh Bengals are just the best ever

My Bengal Borris has got a thing at the moment with getting his paws under the bubbles trying to get my toes when I'm in the bath
He's fell in a couple of times,totally immersed
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I love the pic with his tonue sticking out! that is so cute! O and he is very gorgeous!!
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that really should be on a mug. . .like the first picture on one side, the other picture on the other side.
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He's such a handsome boy and the second photo is too funny
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I will have to stop looking at your Bengals - stunning, just stunning
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