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Callie's Got Kidney Problems

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My precious 11 yo tortie, Callie, has been feeling puny for about a week. This past Tuesday, she spent the day at the vet and they poked & prodded, took her pictures, and gave her a very thorough going-over. Met with the vet yesterday (Fri) for a recheck and her Creatinine level is borderline high (2.9 mg/dL), BUT her BUN is normal (30 mg/dL). Potassium and Sodium were just at the high end of normal. T4 was smack dab in the middle of the normal range. Her urinalysis showed no infection, good specific gravity, but "amorphous debris" whatever that is. Also should mention that the x-rays on Tuesday showed 2 very miniscule "things" in her kidneys which might be stones, but the vet wasn't too concerned about that.

Since her BUN level was normal, my vet is thinking that she just might have an infection. He gave me an antibiotic (Clindamycin) hoping that if she has an infection, this will clear it up. He also gave me an appetite stimulant so that she'll start eating more, eventho she'd gained 5 oz since her visit on Tuesday.

We've started her on Science Diet k/d, which she's not exceptionally fond of. I think she's a bit perkier today, but that could just be me trying not to freak out. I've been reading the CRF info just to get more information.

Her RBC was a little high and her lymphocytes were low. I'm not sure what all this means, but I'm most concerned with her kidneys. She's been drinking a lot more water than normal the past day or two, but all of the bloodwork for diabetes was normal.

Any words of wisdom? Things I should be looking for? Anyone been through this before?

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Well I offer adversary advice to the norm...

My kidney girl is now all raw ( do to recall)... and her numbers have remained stable improving slighty for 3-4 yrs now ....

FInd a suitable food you and your vet will agree on and the kitty will eat...

RX wise purina seemed to be better at my house...

feel free to PM me ... not an expert but I will share experience and reserach
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All three of my girls (only one is CRF) eat the Purina NF canned food kidney diet. They all seem to like it. The Hill k/d regular canned looks and smells like liver flavored wall paper paste. If I give them the Hills k/d, I always order the Hills k/d minced chicken canned. It goes over very well. They weren't impressed with the Eukanuba renal, Waltham's renal or the IVD renal diets. It doesn't hurt to try them out though...each cat seems to have a different opinion, lol!

Pookie & the girls
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Thank you for your quick replies. I usually have to feed her dry because Callie turns her nose up at wet food. She might eat a bit on occasion as a treat, but long-term it just doesn't happen.

Will ask the vet about the Purina, but I also have to be concerned about her weight as she already weighs 12.3 lbs now and she has an inactive colon which leads to hard, dry stools and some constipation. I'll also ask them about some tester bags so I don't have to keep buying a 4# bag of food each time.

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My last cat Smokey died of CRF at the age of 17.5. I'd say the fact that your cat is in early stages and this has been found is a very good thing. Smokey hated wet foot too. One of the things I did that my vet had suggested was to get a drinking fountain for her. It encouages them to drink more and stay more hydrated. If you vet didn't have him/her show you how to check her hydration level, staying hydrated is very important. There are also liquid medications you can give to help her pass stool more easily. Smokey too would be come constipated and the way it was explained to me was that because they are dehydrated their bodies are taking moister from anywhere they can find it including their stool. Make sure to work with your vet and if your anything like me and can't remember the questions while your in their office write any questions you have down and take them to the office with you.
One thing I did that seemed to work for Smokey was to put some water on the K/D food & give it a few seconds in the microwave, but becareful not to make it too hot. It gives the food extra smell that they like. I recall someone suggesting to put cat nip on the food?? This would not have worked for smokey as she did not eat cat nip just rolled in it.
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good vibes to Callie!
I also have a tortie named Mixy!
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Rang, thank you for the suggestions.

She's already taking Lactulose for the constipation/hard stools issue and has been on that for about 3 years. I also feed her a tad of pumpkin twice a day to help keep her regular.

She has a Drinkwell fountain and LOVES it! We've had it for about 18 mos. and she's started drinking more water since we got it. I think the antibiotic she's on right now makes her want to drink more, too.

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Antibiotics made Jake drink more too. But having a kidney problem will make them drink more too! Sounds like you're doing all the right things at this time! Keep up the good work!
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Hi Stephanie
I feed my CRF girl Purina NF canned and k/d minced chicken canned food. If you'd like to try a can of each, I would be happy to send it to you to try. That way, you won't have to purchase a whole case of each, only to find out that Callie doesn't like them. I've done this many, many times on the Feline-CRF-Support site on Yahoo. If you'd like me to send you some, just PM me your mail address and I can get them in the mail on Monday evening (after work.)

I've been treating my CRF kitty, Cleo, for 6 1/2 years and I treated my parents' CRF kitty, Sam, for about 4 years, before he went to the Bridge on Christmas Eve. If there's anything that I can help you with or any resources I can pass on...please feel free to PM me.

Hugs to you and Callie!

Pookie & the girls
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