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Let Them Outside...Mistake?!?!?

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This spring I've been out in the yard a little, and let my 2 cats out to play for a while when I was there to supervise. They loved it. Now they sit in the window and cry to go outside...CONSTANTLY. Of course I won't let them out alone, and I don't want to give in to their begging. But one, especially, seems upset, and won't leave the window while I'm home. He just sits there and cries to go out.

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You could get one of the cat enclosures (tent-like) and put them outside. That's why I never recommend taking a cat outside. Because they tend to try and keep getting outside. Too many dangers out there

Are your cats neutered and spayed?
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If you go to a decent pet store you'll find 18" long tapered alum. or painted iron spikes (you'll need two) with 2-3" wide caps on top and a swivel ring for hooking on top of that. Those go in the ground away from bushes or anywhere a cat can get tangled, but hopefully within reach of some sun-shelter (depending on how long your lead is). Then you buy the '4 point harnesses' (the kind with a neck collar AND a tummy collar attached by a little strip on top, to which is attached a ring. Get leads with little hooks that slide open & closed and buy others to attach to the other ends (for the spike rings). Let your cats wear the harnesses alone for a short time in the house til they forget about them, tight enough for only a finger to get underneath, and then leaving the tummy part hooked (til they grow more), slip it over them from the front and do up the necks. Attach the leads and let them have some fun (I find 6-8' long is good - where they can just touch each other's noses, but not get tangled). You'll need to watch them closely til you're all comfortable about they're being out there - no dogs or small kids around? - and they can stay out for 20 mins. to an hour or more (when they're older). Make sure the harnesses are snug enough so they can't wriggle out - their necks are really skinny under the fur! I've done this for years and years (do hammer the spikes in the whole way if possible) and while they've caught little voles and bugs, and i've had to rescue the very odd (dumb!) bird that flew too low, it's basically a great safe way for them to be outside. Another way is to put a thin cable across part of the yard 3-4' off the ground (again, nowhere they can get tangled) and attach leads to that so they can run back and forth a bit.
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Yes, they're both neutered...but one used to be a stray and I got him as an adult so he 'remembers' being outside as a stray (I guess). My yard isn't fenced in on one side facing out to an alley so I'd be afraid to stake them out there alone...but maybe I could make some time to sit out there with them sometimes. Argh, I just wanted them to be outside a little this spring so they could eat some grass and enjoy the breeze!!!
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I used to bring some grass (clean) in for my cats and they could sit on the window shelf and enjoy the breeze - all from the safety of inside. You could harness/leash train them and stake them out while you are watching

When we eventually enclose our patio out back with screen and shelfs on the sides, that will be the closest the cats get to be outside
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Just read my own post again and thought I should clarify something - I think I made it sound like you'd leave the harnesses on 24/7, but don't. I just meant you don't need to undo the tummy belt every time you put them on!
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