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My baby boy!

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Most of these pictures are from Java's first week in his new home!
Taken at the shelter the first day we met!

This sock smells great!

Surveying his kingdom from his lofty perch.

Oh! Is this your bed? My grievous error ........

Happy Easter! (Taken by his foster)
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He is adorable and so are you Congrats!!!
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Awww... He looks lovely

Love the last picture- when are his kittens due to hatch?
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He is very handsome
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He sure is a stunning fluffy black kitty..I love his eyes too..The easter pic is just precious..
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awww he's soo cute well handsom...reminds me of my old kitty!
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awe look at that cutie pie, soo GORGEOUS, I just that last photo he is just such a cutie pie
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Any of those eggs Cadburry's?
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What a gorgeous little boy he is!
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I love the look he's giving you on your.... oops I mean HIS bed.
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great pics,
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aww he's sat on the egg, hopeing to eat some chick lol
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