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I is a Supa Kat!!!

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I am a super Cat Woo Hoo!!! and 800 posts!!!!!! WOW I talk a lot!!! Must be all those photo posts hehehe!!!

I just wanted to say that every moment I have spent here has been wonderful, I have enjoyed getting to know you all, to share in your lives and your furbabies and for you letting me share mine.

I am honoured to be a part of such a wonderful community.

Thank you all!

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Is it a bird? NO! Is it a plane? NO!


You have been a joy to have around Leslie, and I've really enjoyed getting to know you and all your kitties.
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Well Leslie, I'm not far behind! But you'll notice you joined in September! Boy - you must be a real blab!

But I agree - I think it's that this great bunch of people just pulls it out of you!!!!

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oops - I'm ahead!
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Way to go Leslie!!! :blubturq:

Laurie....congrats also!!
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LOL well done Leslie you gasbag! :P
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valanhb Thank you and ditto!! Man now I have the Super Man theme in my head.........

Lhezzza Thanks Mate LMAO, am I really that bad??? :tounge2:

LDG Watch out I am going to over take, hmmmm have I set the record for most amount of posts in the quickest amount of time??? perhaps I should curb the chatter for a while LOL!!!

Whisker's mom Thanks Hon!

purringpanther Ah fellow Gas Bag Mate!!! It won't be long before you over take me LOL! :tounge2:

Thank you all xx
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working on it...LOL
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Gee's Bundy, you just never shut up do ya!??!!? :laughing:
Keep yappin hun, you know we love it!!!
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Hey Bundy well done girl. I'm impressed!
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talk - post -talk - post!!!!
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Hey are you trying to catch up to me?

Congrats mate! I have honestly found a true friend in you! Thanks for finding this site!
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Congratulations Leslie!!!! You add alot to this site! I'm so glad you joined us!!!!! I predict you will catch up with me in about 3 months.
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:LOL: Debby, you are too funny!!! Are you implying that Bundy has a lot to say!?!?!?!??! :LOL: :LOL:
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Thank you all so much, you are al so sweet and wonderful.

Ady ditto!

Yola Thanks, I am embarrassed

Debby I think I should blab less LOL!

Hammie Girl You know I am very quiet realy it's just the picture posts hehehe!
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Ooooooo Riiiiiight.... :laughing2 I must've forgot that... :LOL:
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Leslie - how can I still be ahead of you? I haven't had time the last day or two - you should be WAY ahead of me now, girl! Don't "blab" less - we were joking!!!!! We need your hugs, pictures and smiles!!!!!
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*sniff* I feel so wanted tanx guys

Hugs x a million
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I always look back and feel embarrassed when my name is the last on all the posts! I guess it's because I'm in Australia and time differences and things. I just love this site!
Diann in Australia
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