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Beanie babies

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Who else collects them? iam a crazy collector and have LOADS! and i still add more lol
here is a pic

Loads (i know LOL)
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HOLY COW!!! You do have ALOT of them. I have a few, NO where near as many as you do.I collect Teddy Bears too.
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I have three - the brown and cream kitty (Pounce) was a gift from a family friend and I bought myself the pterodactyl and woolly mammoth. Mom has the blue persian. (Her fave kitty was a blue longhair.)
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That is one serious collection

I had three but I gave them to one of my young sisters
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WOW awesome collection! My daughter has approx 200. Some are in the attic, wrapped and in 'suspended animation' and some have been given to my other younger daughter who loves them and plays with them. We keep saying we will sell them on ebay one of these days but so far she cant bare to part with them.
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Great collection.
I stopped about 5 years ago but I suspect I have about 100 or so. I have some of the original series, that vary rare crow for example and the original camel. I have a lot of the bears too, my favorite is my Ireland one - Erin.
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Wow, that's alot of beanies..I had a few when my kids were little, but never collected them...
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I have some - maybe about 50 - but I only collect the real looking bears - not the teddy bears. I like the more "wild" animals.
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I have moggy the cat bear and smitten the bear. It's a HUUGE collection! And now ive just realised the kitties in your pic are ever so slightly different, mine are Beanie Kids
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OK, I do not have time to count them all, how many total do you have?
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Originally Posted by crittermom View Post
HOLY COW !!! You do have ALOT of them. I have a few, NO where near as many as you do.I collect Teddy Bears too.
HOLY COW! literally what i just said when i saw that, yeh I have a few...mostly they were ones that have been giving to me...most when I was a teenager.
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