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Good lord! You're practically moving into a brand new house! Congrats!!! I LOVE the living room! Can't wait to see pics after you are all moved in.
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Congratulations! It does sound like a bit of work but I'm sure it'll be well worth it!
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Oh yay yay yay! I'm sooooo glad you got the place!
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Originally Posted by HopeHacker View Post
I'll bet in autumn you will have quite a beautiful view there.
The house looks sooooo beautiful and spacious!

Originally Posted by catsRNmom View Post
but good things come to good people..I love all of the nature around the house

I agree with that...Good stuff is finally coming back to you and your Dh and I am so very pleased for you! You two definately deserve it!!! Congrats, Laurie and I hope that you enjoy your new home, as I'm sure you will!
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That's wonderful I hope everything goes well and that you enjoy it
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This is wonderful! The house has such great personality... I hope your family will be very happy there! Congratulations!
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I am so happy for you! Being a renter that has moved at least 20 times in my adult life, I know how hard finding a place that you love can be. A 3 BR house for 2 people is great. We have ours, the kits, and the 3rd Br is a computer/music room. I love your deck It looks like the perfect place to have coffe on nice mornings.
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Originally Posted by jennyranson View Post
Good news for you at last. I am so pleased. Send pix when it's all furnished, won't you?
The living room here is so small we have two love seats - no couches. Our furniture is going to look like doll house toys in the new place! But that just means more room for kitties to play.

It also means that if we ever get back to earning more money than we need to just survive, we get to buy more furniture. Just something to look forward to.

Thank you all SO MUCH for your good thoughts and happiness about this! It's just that looking for a house coincided with Gary having to take a big exam for work - which he didn't pass - so now he has to wait 30 days before he can take that exam again. So now we don't have the stress of finding a place - we just have the stress of co-ordinating getting this one fixed up, his mother coming to help us move, and moving while he has to study.

If it isn't one thing, it's another. But this is a GOOD thing.

to all!

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Awesome! Congratulations!
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This is terrific news!

These kinds stories makes me happy for visit this site when I do...very informational but also very interesting stories of peoples lives and journeys.
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Sounds like a great place!
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