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Poor Shabba

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We were asked to take Shabba in at some point this year, we were full at the time, so advertised him on our website. Someone offered him a home, and they had homed through our vets, so we passed details on, satisfied it was a good home. 10 days later, we got an e-mail saying he was aggressive and could we help out? Tried numerous suggestions to see if they helped (turned out she had introduced him to her 2 dogs after 48 hours, despite the fact he is 2.5 and never lived with dogs) and everything was dismissed, so I have re-arranged the other cats in the house, and collected him today - 2 weeks and half a day after she rehomed him, why wont people give them a chance?? He hasn't been here an hour yet, but just seems very shy (not surprisingly, this is his third home in 2 weeks!!) but allows fusses and initiates them, doesnt try and bite me in the process like I was told. At least it means we have a better chance of homing him. pics will follow when he is more settled.
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Poor little guy! The fact that he allows and initiates contact is a testament to his sweetness. Hopefully, he will be able to find a new home with people who have a better understanding of animals.
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He truly is a lovely cat - he is shy, and has his hiding place in the bathroom, but as soon as you walk in, he comes out and up for a fuss, I have even had him sat on my knee for a few minutes, not something he has done for the past fortnight. So, it is looking like he will be an easy cat to rehome, he just needs a quiet household, defo no dogs and poss no kids, unless he changes into the aggressive cat we were told he was in the next few days, but I cant see it to be honest wiht you. Haven't even had to get the RR out yet!! I am glad that he seems quite affectionate, I was worred about the effect going into a second strange place in as many weeks would have on him.
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Poor guy. I get so angry when people don't give them a chance. I told one adoptee today that she should give her two "teenagers" 6 months to adjust after she brings them home. She looked at me shocked.... I have the utmost confidence that we picked the right kits for her.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I told one adoptee today that she should give her two "teenagers" 6 months to adjust after she brings them home.
When my Mom adopted her Frances (about 2 years old at the time) she was completely timid and hid in "her room" for about the first month, though was affectionate to everyone right from the start. Then she slowly ventured out into the rest of the lower level, though it took her a good few more months to take full possession of the rest of the house like she has now. There isn't too much timid about Fran normally, it just took her that long to adjust to her new home. I don't doubt that 6 months is a good estimate for kitties to fully grow into their new surroundings. As for two WEEKS??!?! With two dogs?!?!?!?? Come on people, give the poor cat a break. That makes me so sad for Shabba. She didn't even have a fair chance with that family.
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We normally tell people they have to give cats at least a month to settle in when they are unsure if it will work with current pets, most agree with us!! The main reason I didn't push it too much with this lady was that he was sounding very stressed and out of character, so I didn't think it fair on the cat to put him through another two weeks. He has been fine here, the lady said she couldnt isolate him cos he attacked the carpets - all he has done here is 2 yowls when left alone, 2 separate occasions - he did one yowl each time,then shut up. No attacking or anything.
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Grrr that sh*ts me!!! We had the same problem as well. Garnet a beautiful little tortie, she was only about 8 months old. We were so relieved to have found her a home, and then a few days later the guy calls up to say she is scared and wont come out from under the couch so her returned her. He barely gave her time, and she was never like that here. We have had people come up with their dogs to interact and she never had a problem. I HATE these sort of people!!
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i hate them too - we had another one earlier in the year, she is a semi feral, and had taken a lot of work to get to rehoming, we had an enquiry from someone who said she was used to timid cats, yet rang us 2 days later to ask us to take her back, as she was hiding all day from her young son, but would come out in the evening - it was incredibly good progress for her, when seh went to the fosterers house, she hid for days!! We persuaded her to give her a week, but that was literally all she did, bang on the week she rang us back. She has now been adopted by her fosterer to save her the trauma again, she loves the fosterers other cat.
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Here are a couple of pics of the lovely Shabba, he will be placed on our rehoming page this week - even when I cut his claws, he sat and allowed it, the only thing he didn't like was being held like a baby for me to check his back claws, but he only fussed a little, he didn't lash out. Pics aren't too good as he is too interested in a fuss to have his pic taken!!

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Oh he is GORGEOUS! OMG I am in love with his long white whiskers! I see his pic and I almost wish we could take another but it's impossible until Sonic and Radar are fully integrated - we got Sonic 2 months ago - that is an indication of how long it can take to integrate and have peace in your household, why don't people have more patience? Cats are so disturbed when their circumstances change, why don't people realise that and give them a chance?
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He is - and he does have whiskers above both eyes, but one side are white and one side black, so it looks like he is missing them on one side!! I wish people did have more patience, the lady in question fell in love with him from his pic but waited ages for her hubby to agree, and 2 weeks later gives up.
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He's beautiful, and probably very happy to be out of that household! that he finds a forever home soon.
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What a cutie pie! At least now he has the chance to find his purrfect furrever home.
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Thanks guys - he isn't eating much, but has only been here 24 hours, so nothing to worry about yet, and he has eaten a few mouthfuls of dry that I have seen, and you could tell he had touched it overnight - will need to check if he normally eats wet, but it could be that he was given with food in gravy, as most of the cats I have had prefer it in jelly, so will try that tomorrow too.
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Well, he has been here a week now, and he has a home!! He can't go to his new home until the 27th of this month, but I am glad that he gets a bit longer here really, rather than yet another quick turnaround for him. IT is only 3 weeks though - and have the next one lined up already!!!
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