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Why are my dogs being so mean?

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Arggh!! They have decided that all my kittys are just so much fun to chase and torture!! Im talking its Amy and Yoda!!! I actually thought they hurt my Taffy yesterday but thankfully they didnt. I told DH if they keep their crap up Im going to get rid of them!! I am not going to stand for them to be so mean and chase them all the time!!

Ok, rant done................I think!
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Our missy dog is 1/2 Border Collie and if any breed loves to run and heard, she does. I'm unsure how old your dogs are, but we started training her with the kitties very firmly but gently from Day 1 at six weeks puppy. If they never get any consistent training to not chase, they will chase! It's just the way they're hard-wired. When we trained Moochy we gave her cheese every time she obeyed "No chase!" and over time it worked very well. Everybody's situation is different, but it can be done over time. She now watches over "her kitties" and never chases them (in fact, we can leave her for hours inside the house with them alone) but as soon as she's out of range, she chases everybody else's kitties in the neighborhood.

We're working on that one.
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I wouldn't push anything on anyone unless I knew it worked. Try "The Dog Listener" by Jan Fennell. You might be able to find it at a library. Or if you can make it up the KC Pet Expo the weekend of 4/26, a woman that is a certified Dog Listener (trained by Jan) will be at the No More Homeless Pets booth. That weekend is the International Day of the Dog festival and NMHP is participating by including the Dog Listener in their booth. I'll be up there that weekend helping out.

Dogs can respond very well with cats if they understand that they are part of their pack. I know you are venting, but there shouldn't be a need for you to do so.
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Curious, have they been obediance trained, or home trained?
It might be time to get them both in obediance class to reinforce to them who is in charge and give their humans a refresher in staying charge.

I'm lucky in that Bear is only compelled to chase cats he sees outdoors, they aren't his, therefore he sees them as fair game.
He's actually timid about cats.
He is NILIF trained, I only wish he'd remember his training when guests are over
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I have a chocolate lab and a pug, and the pug especially likes to chase the cats. But, I've also watched the cats come up and taunt her, so with mine I think it is more of a game than anything. The only one we DON'T let them chase is Monster, our little "seizure kitty". She has to have phenobarbital every night and has a very low tolerance to stress. For the most part, they have learned to leave her alone.

I keep a close eye on the dogs and cats when they're playing, but more than once just a hiss will let the dogs know that the games are over!
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Awwwwww poor kittys. Only you know what's right for your house and situation,but I am sending do the right thing vibes your way.
I'm sure if the dogs hurt the kittens, they'll get tired of it and slap the you know what out of them.
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I would do NILIF with them, it may help!
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