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Today I got Bindi's mind off going outside to walk on harness and leash by playing bird in the bushes, its too cold and rainy here to go outside and walk around the neighborhood I found out that if you think like a bird and act like one,rec the toy, your cat really seems to love it.

First you take the feather toy and fly away quickly from your cat like a frightened bird, you land in a place far up high, like on a bed, or on a dresser, and stay there while watchng your cat at all times. Then you catch him off guard you watch him/her lash his tail and then suddenly out if the blue before he/she makes a move you hop toy around and take off, landing in another spot. The cat has only as short amount of time to catch the toy. Sometimes he/she will leap after you and then you have to fly off again, its really fun.