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Kitty flem :( and belly noises

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Good Afternoon,
This is my first post in this forum and I have a question that I thought perhaps one of you could help me with. I have a long haired black cat (named Puck) who is bringing up flem. Sometimes he struggles with it as I think he is gagging on it when it comes up. There is no hair in the flem. His belly is also making odd noises. Two days ago I took him to the vet and she began treating him for acid reflux. She injected him with pepcid and he is now on pepcid (daily). I thought after 2 days he would start showing some improvement but he is still doing this gagging thing. He is still bringing up flem. The vet said his belly noises are caused by acid churning around in his belly when it's empty. He is not a happy cat. He wants to be left alone, and is eating very little. Anybody else ever go thru anything similar? Thanks so much for any help and direction you can provide.
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Hi and welcome

I think I would just call the vet back and tell them what you told us...that it's been a couple days now and no improvement.

Did the vet feel around on his belly? Was there any hard stool in there (maybe constipated?)...cats don't eat well when they're constipated...but that doesn't explain the churning. Hmmm

Has he ever had problems with hairballs in the past? How old is Puck?

Did the vet look in his throat and under his tongue...to make sure there was nothing stuck back there (like a string or something?)
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Thanks Beandip,
Puck is nine years old and has gone thru this before but not quite as long. The vet checked his belly and indicated there were no growths or pain, and she did check his throat. I am thinking of giving him some nutrimalt to see if that doesn't help. I haven't caught him in his litter box yet to see if he is constipated, but that has occurred to me. I was going to take him back to the vet today, but he finally settled down a bit this morning and fell asleep behind a hutch. I thought it best just to let him alone and keep a close eye on him this weekend. Any other thoughts from anyone else would be most appreciated.
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