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what to feed now?

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Ok so with the new recalls now going to dry food what is everyone feeding your cats and dogs.

My cats currently get iams dry and my shih-tszu eats science diet small bites. I wasnt worried before and now I am and my vet wasnt very helpfull they gave me a phone number but when i called it they said this was a hotline for the wet food.

I have had trouble in the last month with one of my cats pooping blood that the vet cant figure out. Now im not sure if this might have something to do with it.

I know we are all strugling with this as to not knowing what food is safe or not now.
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I used to feed Iams (my rexes were raised on it from day one). Charlie's breeder used to feed Iams - she switched to Royal Canin the past few years cause she felt the after Iams went commercial (selling at WalMart) the quality went down. So I started buying the RC and that is what the cats are on.

I would switch to RC for your cats rather then the Iams.

Our lab eats Diamond brand, so no worrys there
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ok ill do some checking around I havent heard of that brand around here but there is a petsmart about 2 hours from here so ill check there. This is crazy ive never doubted what to feed them as all my cats grew up with iams and they all are very healthy except the bleeding prob now.
Also what is diamond brand thats a new one to me also?
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look at a site like...
youll see lots of options...

If your animals are okay on Iams dont PANIC as the Recall only covers POUCHES AND cans with cuts and gravy... THE ONLY DRY is a RX by SD
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I feed Katy Eukanuba Low Residue dry because she's got IBD and it's the only food I can get her to eat! I checked the IAMS/Eukanuba web site and there's no wheat gluten in this food so i'm hoping it's OK.

About the blood in your cat's stools . . . Chloe has had blood in her stool off and on (much less at the moment) ever since I brought her into the house which was about 16 years ago. She has IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) and blood in the stool can be one of the signs of that. Blood in the stool can also mean other things, but has your vet ever suggested that you have your kitty worked up for IBD? Even an abdominal x-ray could tell him if the walls of the bowel were thickened or if she has any enlarged lymph nodes. Other tests that are done to make this diagnosis are an abdominal ultrasound and an endoscopy.
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You can get Diamond Company brand dog food in most of the big pet warehouses or feed stores. Also if you have a Costco warehouse nearby, the Kirkland dog foods are made by the Diamond company and are equal (but a little less costly). Costco was selling Kirland for about $15 for 40 lbs.

I'm getting Diamond from the feedstores for about the same price but 50 lbs (I think its $1-2 buck more).
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Yeah he didnt do any tests pretty much only checked a stool sample to check for parisites. none there then just gave us Laxaire and told us it could be because they are losing the winter coat and sometimes hair that they digest could cause it to irritate the digestive system. Its not really helping much though.
I will mention though maybe doing a ultrasound to figure it out that way. ther then that he is healthy.
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As I understand it, the contamination problem was with a particular supplier of wheat gluten. So just avoid dry foods with wheat gluten. It doesn't seem to be a common ingredient in dry or canned pate food.
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