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Aw, just found this thread, and I'm sorry for the way it's looking. Lot's of prayers and hugs to Cammie and you!
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I just caught this thread too.

Lois please know that we are all there with you!

Tons of prayers, vibes and hugs headed your way!
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Thinking about you and Cammie this morning, Lois.
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Just looking in to see if there is any news
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praying for good news.
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Lois, I know you've told me about this in our PM's, but I just wanted to jump on this thread and tell you I'm praying for Cammie..............
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Sending prayers your way for a good outcome. I know it is hard when we don't have our babies at home with us, but she is in the best place she can be right now. Hang in there...
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Sending good vibes for Cammie.

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I'm sending out my prayers and vibes for you and Cammie.
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Please remember that if its renal failure it may not be a death sentance. Our old family cat Chichi has been living with it for almost 3 years now and her numbers when we first brought her in were SKY HIGH.
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I just got off the phone with the Vet, she does have crystals also, she would not pee her bladder was full so they had to express it and that is very painful, they gave her pain medication, shes still not eating either OMG I feel defeated already, I will leave her today again ( I don't want to) But I can't bring her home if shes in the same condition she was when I took her. They are flushing her again and tomorrow will re ck the values. I don't know what to do, what if there no better? what do I do then. This is awful My Heart is Broken I can't even pull myself together. I am going to go see her and that's not going to be easy, I can't stop crying I don't want her to suffer
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Lois, I am praying for you and your baby at this time...
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Lois, take a deep breath, then take one day at a time. The vet is doing their best for her, she has an empty bladder and has had painkillers, so she must be feeling more comfortable. Sending lots of }}}vibes{{{ for good values tomorrow and lots of for you.
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Poor Cammie. She'll be in my thoughts and {{{good and healthy vibes}}} are on their way.
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Oh dear, I ust found this thread. I am so sorry fo rwhat you and your furbaby are going through. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
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She's probably just not eating because pain killers also kill the appetite. At least she's probably on a drip. PM Pat & Alix - she can help you a lot with CRF. Either way, this is a crisis, but let's hope that close monitoring will prevent another crisis in the future. Hugs! Kim.
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I know it's so hard to see her suffer, but just think...in a weeks time she could be at home playing as normal..being Queen Cammie. Give her a chance to feel better...if she had crystals, that can make her very uncomfortable...
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This is very hard for me I don't want to sound like a downer. What they have done so far has not helped, The values are very high ( I personally don't know that much) She can't pee they had to express her bladder and give her pain meds for that, its very painful she's not eating, she has crystals also.
She said lets try the fluids today again and do the Values again tomorrow and she if she is going to pee on her own and eat and then decide to proceed or not.
What am I supposed to do? I can not bring her home in the same condition when I took her, I can't do what they are if it's working or not..
I'm so sorry for sounding like I have given up I have not I am trying to prepare myself for a decision of some kind and I don't feel like there are a lot of options, if there are I will do whatever I can.
My Heart is so Broken I feel so lost my main concern is Cammie I don't want her to endure pain and suffer and watch her wind up looking like a bag of bones that is not fair to her. I will have to make a choice with my brain not my Heart. I started out feeling overwhelmed now I am starting to feel defeat I am the kind of person who has a hard time trying to be positive all the time
I am trying to be logical and know whats wrong and right. I will ask stupid questions and if she a good vet she will answer me. I think I am a good judge of people. I don't think a Good Vet wants you to loose your pet. I will look at every angle and I will have to act according .
My Heart has not hurt this bad for a long time I am so devastated .
I am going to go see Cammie now and talk to her and take her a toy and a piece of clothing This is not going to be easy just seeing her
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Vibes for Cammie on their way. Good luck with the further tests
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I can't offer anything more than support and vibes for you and Cammie.
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Lois...stop for a second. Have you ever been sick...had a family member in the hospital? Then when they get home, they're all better? Wait to see how Cammie is tomorrow & then the next day....you never know, in a week you could very well have Queen Cammie Back!!!
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Awww sweetie, i had no idea she was even sick Please know i am praying for both of you I understand how hard calls like that can be - we have to make them everyday at the shelter. I know you feel aweful right now- but please try to hang in there. You're the only one who know's what's best for your baby I'm sending lots of (((((((((stay strong vibes))))))) you way!
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Yes I know that I am not giving up I would choose anything over that...I am talking a serino here but if she can't pee or poo and is not eating or drinking as she wasn't before I took her I am concerned. If there are other suggestion from the vet I will opt for that..
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Oh my goodness Lois, how I wish I was there so I could go with you!! Please know I'm sending Cammie lots of vibes..............
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I'm so sorry Cammie isn't well You absolutely cannot give up for her sake though. If you don't try everything you can, you'll regret it later on, so keep soldiering on and do what you can for her.

Listen to the vets advice, and when you see Cammie she will sense what you're feeling, so try and be as upbeat as possible - even if you just tell her about your day or something equally as inane.

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Aww, I`m so sorry you find yourself in this situation. I`ve always wondered where I would draw the line but until your in the situation you just don`t know and every case is different.
If you trust your vet I would be guided by them.
I hope you both feel better soon
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Lois, you have a lot of people praying for you and Cammie...I know it's hard to think positive but miracles happen every day I'm so sorry you are going through this
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I am praying for Cammie. I know how you feel, because I've been there. I wish I could come to your house and be with you, while you go thru this ordeal. I hope and pray Cammie starts showing some signs of improvemnt, and I hope she doesn't have to go through any more pain before she gets better.
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It sounds as though it's very early days yet and you did the right thing by getting her in straight away. She's in good care at the vets, and please try and think positive. I am a true believer in thinking positive, it truly does help in the rough times.

They don't know anything yet, but are keeping her comfortable, so please take a few deep breaths, run yourself a bath, and try to relax for a half hour. Just focus on you for half an hour, or you'll end up sick and run down yourself!
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oh my, your heartache really came through to me theres lots of love and support surrounding you and sweet Cammie and I can only echo whats been said. The vet will advise you as best we are all rooting for you and Cammie

((((((((( May all the love & support lift you up ))))))))))
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