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Merlin N' Miles :)

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Miles sleeps under my covers with me until I wake up, and normally it takes him longer to get up than me!

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hehe, eazy also like to sleep under the covers.
love miles, but then again i like black cats.
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They are beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing..I love the picture of Miles under the covers!!!
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Very handsome boys
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awww what cuties - they look like such great friends!!
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cute kitties!! I just love the name merlin
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I love your second and third pics! Too funny.
What a pair of cuties!
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aww what adorable kitties you have - so sweet Miss Moofi has just started to sneak under the covers, only for about 30 mins
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awe look at those gorgeous kitties they are such cuties
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Your boys are very handsome!
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What handsome boys!

I just love black kitties!
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What handsome boys ............ Does Merlin have blue eyes?
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Striking boys with lovely coats!
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