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Moving Vent

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So today DH and I went to his friends new house to help them settle in. We got there an hour before them and the movers asked for our opinion where things go. The boxes were labeled by room but that's it. It's a 3-bedroom house and the owners never told the movers what the spare rooms are for. I helped them set-up the bedroom furniture which of course was wrong. Their set is huge and they weren't happy about re-arranging it.

Anyway we spent 8 hours there doing nothing. My instincts were telling me to start cleaning the kitchen/bathroom anything but they were hiring cleaners to come tomorrow. Their oven they bought with them was disgusting. The knobs were sticky & the top range was worse. Apparently neither of them understand what ammonia is used for. They had it over a year and I don't think they ever wiped it clean.

After the movers left I was ready to unbox something and V-the wife just sat on her butt. I suggested making the bed so they could relax when we left. She took the bedding out and asked me how to put the bed-skirt on. She had no idea how to make the bed! I then suggested we set up the bathroom. I was trying to think of things that you need & would appreciate after a long day of moving. We finally find the box and it didn't like she knew how to fold. Here I am nicely folding the towels while she is just throwing them in the closet randomly. She even forgot to leave towels out for tomorrow. What is with this girl! She definitely isn't domesticated at all.

J's(the husband) dad was trying to hook up the washer and needed to run to Home Depot. After we ate pizza he made a list and stated he hoped they unpack the lamps so he has light when he gets back. Again J & V just sat there. So I went on a mission to find lamps. Of course this meant opening every box since none of them were marked with the contents. My best finding was a small bathroom trashcan in it's own box. Why it was boxed is beyond me. It looks like the movers never packed the living room lamps. V agreed with J for 2 hours about who should call the movers. When we left at 8pm neither of them gave in yet.

After the pizza the rug company showed up for measurements. You had to see his face. They expect to have the rugs installed tomorrow. The guy told them the rugs should have been done before the furniture was put in. Then it came time to pick out a color. The couple looked and DH and I and expected us to make the decision for them. I almost told them to go dark brown just to annoy them.

This couple is so clueless. I can't imagine moving into a house without cleaning or vacuuming! The movers said that his couple had more junk in the duplex than others they moved from large houses.

Oh and the walls are so dirty. You can see where things were hung. They told me that they are just going to touch up the holes. I asked why would you just touch up & not clean the walls? I suggested they repaint the walls since they have the paint. The owners left cans of each paint used in the house.

Ugh! I could never live like these two. They are horrible with their finances. I would never hirer cleaners if I was on a tight budget. The whole time DH just kept saying "you really LOOOOVE me". It was comical to see this couple in action. DH & I appreciate each other more after today

OK thanks for letting me vent!
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I only have one thing to post about this... what in the world...How do these people function on a daily basis??
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Have these people never moved before???? I mean, I'm a disorganized mover, but that is crazy!! Did they think it would be easier to put the carpet in AFTER the furniture was there? What would they have done if you two hadn't been there? Slept on the boxes I guess. Gotta wonder about some people....
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OK I have a confession to make. Last time we moved we were so disorganised that we ended up throwing everything into boxes and bin liners, dumped it in the van, drove it over to here, dumped it all in the spare room - and it's still there. Unpacked. Like 18 months on

I think you should give us a swift kick in the behind, although I don't think it would help much. You really would be horrified if you saw our flat. You'd think it had been broken into and trashed.

OK I have bared my soul enough for one day, have to go buy kitten food. With a bag over my head to hide my shame
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I take it "V' isn't exactly Martha Stewart??? Haven't they ever moved before??? Wonder how they handled that? Ok, I accept that not everyone is as anal retentive as me (drives my hubby nuts), but come on--they've set up housekeeping together, and neither one knows to fold towels before putitng them away? Or was she just tired, and didn't care at that point. Also, they had no right to get mad at you for instructing the movers--the couple should have been there first, and on time, so they could do that. It sound like they dumped everything on you, which isn't fair. When I moved, I put color-coded dots on each marked box (red=kitchen, etc.), and made master lists for each helper, with the info on it, and made signs for each door, so they could distinguish the bedrooms, etc. Nothing got lost or broken, and did our own moving. It ain't rocket science! Just common sense and pre-planning. I actually packed to move 3 times in 1 1/2 years--my fiannce's stuff, again, when we found our apartment (we stayed with my Mom for a month, until we could move in the apartment), and again when we bought our house a year later. And I had never packed to move before this, and had no trouble figuring it out!

I'll tell you one thing--my apartment was spotless when I left it, as was my then fiance's. I even wiped the closet rails down. I would never leave a place dirty, lease or no lease or when selling my house. I also gave the new house a thorough cleaning, even though the former owner left it very clean. It's just a matter of pride. I just can't understand people like that.

BTW, I would've have chosen bright orange sculpted pile carpet for them...

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I feel for ya. When we were asked to help my niece move, sis said all we had to do was load stuff into the station wagon. We arrive and nothing had been packed! So we also had to pack things for her.
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Well at least you are not the only one who is asked to help and NOTHING is packed. DH can't count the number of times we were asked (now and before we met) of family needing help in moving. He goes over there and NOTHING is packed! And most of his relatives are pack rats too.

In a way he's thankful he's had 2 hernia surgeries in the past few years and has no big truck any more - none of them can ask us for moving help.....

When we moved out, we labelled boxes and put them in the rooms they belong in. We had the luck to be able to do a few runs of stuff over 2 months and put stuff away before bringing in more.

The one example of helping someone move. He goes over to his niece's house, there is 5-6 "friends" sitting around playing video games....nothing is packed. And they had a big tissue box (warehouse kind) they were throwing the books in....expecting DH to just pick it up. He got mad and told them if the friends didn't get off their butts NOW and help pack and move, he was leaving. They jumped up, and either left or helped.
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These two have moved before. V had her own apartment for a couple of years and J lived with his parents. They were living in a duplex that they owned. They used to complain about the tenants upstairs. I hate to see how bad they are with the dirt.

The towels weren't folded in the box either. If I was to empty my linen closet everything is folded except maybe the towels we just used. I would have at least told the movers what the extra rooms were for. Knowing me I would have mapped out the house and given the movers the diagram.

DH said it wasn't the worst move he helped. He helped his other buddy move a few years ago. The men took all the furniture over and 3 hours later the wifes were sitting around eating lunch. Nothing was packed yet. The men threw everything in plastic bags and loaded the truck.
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Sounds like you had an interesting time trying to help someone. Maybe she was dropped on her head as a baby.
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My husband and I just moved at the end of January. I didn't have boxes and we were just moving 6 miles away, so I packed most everything in plastic bags. I'd load up my hatchback with plastic bags, make the trip and unload. I could make 3 or 4 trips in a day. We had the truck for a weekend for the large furniture. We did it ourselves, and just asked his parents to help on the second day for the big furniture.

DH and I got most of the stuff ourselves, packed into my dad's suburban. When Scott's dad showed up (over an hour late), he brought his wife, his mother, and his mother-in law who all just stood around and stared at the walls. It really sucked, too because only the big stuff was left and no one would pair up to help me move anything into the truck, so I had to just stand there too and make chit chat. It was torture! My mother-in-law asking me tons of questions about the new house and what my decorating plans were, etc. I just couldn't deal with it. It took forever because only two people were actually helping to move things. After it was finally unloaded, they asked us where we wanted to go out to dinner and made Scott pay! Like we should reward them for standing around and telling me how I should decorate? It was horrible. I went home and made the bed and then just fell into it!
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