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Pics of my booger nose

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Ninners at work
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Our office cutie !
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Yet another
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Hey Nenners with a heading like that I didn't know if it was a picture of you or your cat, I just had to look! LOL! Ninners is gorgeous!
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What a cutie! Thanks for sharing. I love the one of her snuggling the stuffie on the chair.
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We call her "booger nose" because of the black mark by her cute little pink nose. Her names Ninners. I was fortunate enough to be there when she was born. My boss adopted her. He brings her to the office every day. She is my pride and joy. People really love her and she's Sooooooo spoiled rotten. It's nice to have her around. She's our comic relief. We have a laser pointer we bought her. I think it's more amusing for us than for her. We dress her up in silly hats. Steve (boss) and I make up songs about her. We have a digital camera in the office and we have tons of pictures!
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WOW!!! What a great sounding place to work and a great sounding boss too! I wish we had cats where I used to work, I think more work places should do it, it's great for the staff and good karma LOL! Hey perhaps we can start a "WorkaKat' Adoption thing where businesses adopt a cat as their work place supervisors? Hmmmm I have some great advertising campaigns in my head already!!! Great hey???
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That's an awesome idea! I've actually thought of promoting that to other offices that are in our organization! In fact, some of the offices have adopted cats.
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I think this is something that can happen!! I could work on Australia (with help from each state) and you could do your state and a person for each state type of thing, it could be part of feral rescue, I think the cat's would be very comfortable even living there, it's no different than home kitties who's owners go to work this would just be the other way around. Work places could do up feeding and litter tray cleaning rosters, I am sure people wouldn't mind and they could promote their kitties as their mascots etc, customers would love it too. The only place I can think of where it wouldn't work obviously would be food places. But just about everywhere else especially offices would be great! I can think of heaps of funny ads to promote it we just need to see if it could work and if there are others out there that want to take this and make it work! It is proven that cat's lower blood pressure and it would be good for workers as well as kitty! I am sorry about taking up you post with this, you just inspired me. We could start a new post if you think this is worthwhile pursuing.
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The only problems I've encounted with having Ninners in the office is some people are allergic and some are just plain scared of cats. I think it would be great to make fliers and see if we can't get this going! Who would we have to contact? Do you think office supply stores would help? I can name a million reasons why people should have a cat in thier work place! I live in Columbus, Ohio. Thier are tons of bussinesses that could benefit from this. I do a lot of recruiting for independent distributors. Tons of people come in to fill out applications. The funny thing is Ninners opens people up. You get to see what thier personality is like. They can start to talk about themselves and feel comfortable. I can also tell if someone is a real jerk too! lol !
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Okay first things first...... we need a plan of action. Perhhaps we can start an ideas thread? It would have to be a decision from all the people at any offices that decide to adopt! We need to get a list together of you million reasons to do it and how to promote it and which organisations we would like to be involved. So baby steps and we are headed in the right direction. Please email me on bundy.lee@webone.com.au and we can sort out where to start. This could get bigger than either of us know.
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LOL - Booger nose (I was scared to open post!!)

very cute photos
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Great pics!! Ninners is such a cutie!!! I wish I could bring my kitties to work wih me... but somehow, I don't think it'd ever be allowed to happen
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Ninners is just adorable! How sweet of your boss to bring her into the office every day!!!
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