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Some vibes needed bad!!

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TheLorax, who joined a month ago has been unable to post because she has been under the weather. I saw her today and found out her 15 year old son has been missing since Monday. She has spoken to all his friends and no one has seen him. She filed the official missing persons report with the police today. Can I get some vibes that she finds him and that he is okay.She really could use them now.
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OMG! {{{COME HOME SON}}} Vibes!!!
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Oh my, that's not good..Please come back home safe...Sending prayers and hugs her way from us..
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Oh wow! I will keep them both in my thoughts and prayers (((Come Home Soon Vibes)))
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Oh Dear God, Many prayers that he comes home safe and sound
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Oh that is terrible! Sending thoughts and prayers her way.
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Please please please come home safe...
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Oh no that's awful! She must be absolutely beside herself. Please let her know that we are thinking of her and sending vibes for her son to come home safe and sound
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Both she and her son will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Wow, lots of good vibes and prayers coming your way for a safe return.
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Oy my God, how terrible--I'm sending many thoughts and prayers their way!

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Any word overnight perhaps????
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OMG - how terrifying! I hope he's alright and is back home soon!
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Oh no!! Many (((come home soon))) vibes for them!!

Keep us posted please!!
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No news yet. I wish I could say that there was. I will be seeing her today and will get the full story. I will pass on your wishes and vibes. I romise to keep you updated no matter what.
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Hope he gets home safe and well )))vibes(((
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She must be out of her mind with worry! I'm sending vibes her way!
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OMG! I hope he is found safe and unharmed. please keep us updated!
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Sending vibes and prayers to her and her family that her son is found soon and is okay
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Thank you to everyone who prayed and sent vibes. It worked. He came home today as she was getting ready to leave for work. Apparently he spent the week partying it up with friends . She is so mad, relieved he is safe but she is just livid . He is such a little . She wanted me to thank everyone for support and said she will get on TCS in the next day or so to personally thank everyone. She needs some sleep right now after she tears him a new one though.

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Glad to hear that he is safe.
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I am so sorry that your friend had to endure this, but in the end, I am glad that he was okay after all.
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Glad to get the word that he is safe and sound at home.
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I am glad that he came home and is safe.
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