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Problem giving my cat antibiotics

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It is impossible to give my cat liquid antibiotics with a plastic syringe. My question is, can I mix it with his food? If not, are there any other suggestions on how to give him the antibiotics.

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Depends....what is the anti-biotic?

Otherwise, I wrap the cat in a towel & have someone else hold the cat. I slip the syring into the corner of their mouth making it open & squirt the liquid in.
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The antibiotic is Amoxicillin. It is pink and says to give twice a day.
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If I am remembering correctly, that should not be mixed with food. I would try the towel method I suggested before, but that's all I can think of right now.
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For my cat's I have found it best to grab them at the back of their neck, like their mother's carried them, and placing the syringe in the side of their mouth's and then it just goes down..Hope this may be of some help to you..
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How are you trying to give the meds now? What is giving you the problem? that might help us to answer as well. And yeah, you don;t want to mix with food - it would be rare for a cat to eat anything tasting like Amoxi amnyways!
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I scruff the cat (grab by the back of the neck) and shoot the liquid down the throat. Works like a charm, but don't do it all at once, because mine like to spit it back out at me. Do it a few CC's at a time and make sure it goes down their throat. You could also see if they have a pill form, and use pill pockets. I love pill pockets and will always have a supply in my house now.
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I found a cheap "pill pocket"- Friskies "Hairball Remedy" cat treats are just the right consistancy to smush around a pill, and my cat with the hyperthyroidism likes them, and the pill goes right down most of the time. If she acts disinterested, I put a little Friskies canned cat food gravy on it, and it disappears . I know Friskies isn't the best food, but the first ingredient in the treats is chicken, and they get Felidae and Maxximum dry, plus I have to have treat food with no fish . And it sure beats fighting her twice a day to get a pill down for the rest of her life !
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Can you get the vet to replace the liquid antibiotic with a pill? Then crush the pill up and put it in his food. That's the only way I can give my cat his antibiotics, because he's impossible to hold onto (even with a towel). You have to ask the vet if you can do this first, but what is do is crush the pill up as fine as I can get it, then mix it in a little bit of warm water so it's not so grainy. Then I mix that in a little bit of a food he really likes. I've found that if he can smell it, he won't eat it.
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Could do like we do. on our knees with them between, holding on to the neck and like one of the other gals said, just squeeze out a few cc's at a time into the very back corner of the mouth.

Works for us.

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Amoxycillan is ok to give with food, according to my vet. In fact, I was told that if it upsets her stomach I should feed a little before hand and then give the antibiotic.

I mixed it in the smallest amount of canned food possible and fed it to her, then finished with the rest of her normal canned meal. That way I could be 100% sure that she ate all of the medicated food.

Another good way to give liquid meds is to wrap the kitty in a towel and make sure all paws are wrapped up. Or kneel on the ground and hold the cat tightly between your legs and have one hand on her chest. That's the technique I'm using now to get ear cleaning fluid into Eve's ears.
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