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after surgery

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so i had my kitten spayed last week, she came home on friday

after a couple of days she got the spring back in her step, she had been licking at it a bit but i hadnt noticed anything wrong.

since all seemed well i forgot to check it yesterday and when i looked at it today it looks as if its opened up. it almost looks like a belly button and its a lil pink around the area...whenn i pressed around the area she didnt seem to be in any pain and it doesnt appear to be bleeding

but im not sure what to do cause i cant tell if this is normal, the vet said to watch it for 7 to 10 days and if it gashed or bled....anyone have any ideas. i just found this place.
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Hi and welcome.. I would suggesting calling your vet and telling them about what you have just described and they may be able to tell you over the phone if they expected this, or to have you bring her back in..When my cat's have been spayed, there was no re-opening of the insicion at all..
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I also second calling your vet. If it looks like the incision has opened up, she could easily get an infection.
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