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Do you get your nails done?

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Momof3rugrats' thread got me thinking about this. My mom always gets her nails done and then gets a lil somethin somethin put on them after.

I personally don't even know how people function with those things on?!?

I had them for my wedding and never since. I feel like I've got soft claws or paws on.... (whatever they are called lol)

What do you all think?
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Yup! I do once in a while! My best friend and I actually got ours done this afternoon. There's a little shop right by mine and Colin's house that i like to go to. They're inexpensive, friendly, and clean I never get fake nails put on though- they tear up your real nails. Instead, i got a manicure today and just my toenails painted Normally I paint mine at home and save money. But every once in a while it's nice to just have a "girls afternoon out" and get them painted by a pro.
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I used to, when I used to bite my nails, but I magically stopped doing that so my nails grow themselves now. I loved having them, they made my fingers look long I have sausage fingers but I can't afford them anyway right now even if I did want them
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My nails grow super, super fast, so it's really not worth the money of having them done.
In my 20s though, I used to keep them around 2inches long and sharp tipped.
I wore blood reds, blacks, gunmetal and dark greens for polish, and always burned a pin hole in the edge of my left thumbnail and kept a very tiny silver ring in it.
I ran a cash register, adding machine and computer just fine.
It's something you just get accustomed to.

These days, I don't bother, I keep them clean and clipped and don't even bother to shape them.
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I've bitten my nails since a child. I've never had them done. Maybe one day if I ever break the habit I've tried everything.
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I wore acrylic nails for many years, my nails were left very very thin and it's taken about 3 years to get them back to normal.

You do get used to the length, but I'll never wear them again. I don't bite my nails anymore so growing my own isn't a problem.
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I had my nails done for the first time for my wedding and I cut them off the day after...they drove me nuts!
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
I've bitten my nails since a child. I've never had them done. Maybe one day if I ever break the habit I've tried everything.
getting divorced did it for me
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
I've bitten my nails since a child. I've never had them done. Maybe one day if I ever break the habit I've tried everything.
im a bitter too but i used to always get my nails done, and it never broke the habit, luckily i didnt bite the acrylic but it does help in stopping the urge.

But I miss having my nails done, u get used to them, well i adjusted to them fairly quickly and in school i always was typing something or another so it was no problem, i remember always getting them off hto, it would feel sooo weird
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I also did mine on my wedding day, and tossed them the day after...and never did it again...
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My nails are home-grown, 1-in long and I do them myself.
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I don't....I just get this mental image of me at the shelter trying to get cat or puppy poop out from under my nails...or trying to bleach/disinfect a cage with nails on...
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I've had 2 manicures plus an application of gel nails.

The first manicure that I had hurt like heck! I couldn't understand after that experience why people go and torcher themselves every week to get their nails done! It was a horrid experience.

Months or years later I went to an elite spa where I live and had some Gel nails applied. Again, a horrid experience. The girl didn't push back my cuticles and there was a 1 to 2mm gap between the base of the gel nail and the skin of my finger. Plus 2 days later one of them cracked and another fell off. And I hadn't done anything but use my computer those days. I paid $95.00 for them!

I called them and told them what happened. They basically didn't believe me. It was a long weekend and I was told to go in on the following Tuesday to have the manager look at them and determine if there was a problem.

I went on Tuesday, the manager looked at them and I was then taken to the girl who did them the week before. She had to completely remove the one that was cracked, and then file down the tops of 2 of my nails even more to reapply 2 of them. That left me with virtually no nail on my nail bed on 2 fingers. She then pushed in my cuticles and filled in the gaps on one hand and I was told that they couldn't do the other hand until next week! The repair of one hand took 3 hours! The repair of the other hand the following week took the same time.

Four weeks later they were all either cracked or had fallen off. Total waste of money!

Back in January I took another chance to have a manicure at the hair salone I go to. It was actually a pleasant experience that came complete with hand and arm massage and took almost 90 minutes. I actually felt pampered.
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I used to go to some effort to keep my nails long on the right hand, because I use them as picks when I play guitar... but after a few unintentional pokes to the delicate little noses of kittycats, I started cutting them short.

Now if only the kitties would do the same to their claws!
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Don't get my nails done. Seen too many poor effects from them while working at a salon. Just keep my nails medium length and manicured topped with some light pink or nude OPI polish. Works for me
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As a formor manicurist I can say that there should be NO bad side effects IF the nails are applied correctly and removed correctly. I wore acrylic for 6 years straight. When I took them off they were back to normal healthy nails about a month later. The removal is the longest and worse part. You have to soak them in acetone and slowly peel the residue off. It took about 3 hours to fully remove all the product.

I refused to ever do gel, fiberglass or silk nails. The product can be great if you live in an area that has high humidity otherwise you will need to basicly soak in oil everyday to keep the gel from drying out which causes cracking. I lived in Colorado at the time and the climate is just to dry. I did not want my clients to waste cash.

They did cure me of bitting my nails though. If I didn't work in a grocery store stocking shelves everyday I would have them again but I am affraid of breaking one. Plus I no longer have any of the product and I just can't bring myself to pay for it when I know how to do it myself.

Most places are great. Just pay attention to the way the place smells and looks. If it smell very cheically I would not go there. Truely good and safe product has a low oder some are even oderless. The salon I worked at never smelled like acrylic. Women use to ask all the time if we even did acrylic nails. Also look at the stations, Are they clean? Whats the dust factor? Do they use new or sanitizable files for every client? Mold and fungus is VERY contaigiuos and if not handles correctly can spred from client to client by the use of files and tools, even metal. Do they use the blue stuff(Barbebcide) to sanitize metal tool and some files? Do they scrub each file with a brush and spray them down with alchol or toss them out with every use? Do they use new powder and liquid for every client?(ie dump the old out and replace with new).

If they don't do even one of these things I would not let them touch me. I have seen, read and heard many horror stories. Just be aware and know what to look for. Never tear of bite the acrylic off your nail you can cause permanent damage very easily. If you want them off but don't have acetone start fileing. It takes forever but you can safely file off all the product with out damage. If you fell pain or heat while filing stop for a while. Its a friction burn. It won't do any damage but will hurt and be red for a day or so.
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I get my fingernails done when I'm about to go on vacation. I like to keep my toe nails done at all times. I love getting the manicure/pedicure.
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I have to keep my nails short to do massages. I have not been doing as many lately, so I have let them grow a little. I am realy happy with the way they have grown back, very strong and easily shaped. When I worked full time at the salon, I got my toenails done pretty frequently. The girl that did them does really nice nail art, so my client could see it while they were in the face cradle on the massage table. She did a full pumpkin patch with a scarecrow for Halloween, It was so cute.
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I have been gettin my nails done for about 3 years straight, if I dont have them done I bit them really bad BUt I will show you a pic of what they look like now. They are basically my real nails with acrylic over them. every 3 months I have a new set put on, but I dont mind them, maybe its because I am used to them now
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I have only gotten mine done once. The guy that did them I couldn't understand and he insisted I get sparkles on them (because I was going through a glitter loving phase and had glitter on my eyes) and they turned out bad. I ended up taking them off myself because I couldn't stand them any longer.
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I got mine done about a month ago and loved them but now I am going to get them off for awhile....I am ready to just paint them
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I used to have acrylic nails for years. I finally stopped getting them done, though, after I started having to pill a cat on a regulat basis.......they just got in the way too much. Now I just keep them short. I am, however, somewhat of a 'pedicure snob' .......I get pedi's done on a regular basis. I love my pedicures!
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I have long nails naturally and they are pure white, not clear like normal. Everyone is always asking me if they are real because they look like those nice fake nails. Truth is, I could care less about my nails and end up cutting them off once they are too long because they start to dig in my skin. It's funny how the people that don't care have nice nails and the ones that do have brittle, thin, or none. Mine are very strong also. lol
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I think that acrylic and gel nails look very nice. I just have nervous habits, like biting my nails (the gels nails didn't stop me...I chewed a couple until they broke ) and itching. It gets worse when I know I can't itch my arm or something very well if I've got fake's all mental.

It's been almost 2 years since I've had mine done and I was thinking about getting them done for my student teaching. I doubt it at this point though.
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I am lucky to have strong healthy nails, so I never get acrylics - and have never paid someone to do them! I enjoy painting them myself, and after doing them since I was about 6, I'm pretty good at them!
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The first time for me was also for my wedding. I do them myself-much cheaper that way! I get the sport length ones. I love those. They are so much more comfortable and easy to do stuff with them on. I usually like to do it if I am going somewhere special like someone else's wedding or something. I love how they look!
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As I approach the half century mark having a manicure or pedicure is on the to do list!!
My nails are weak-I am not good at keeping up with applying a cuticle oil or a nail strengthner like Opi Nail Envy. In the winter is the only time I can grow nails -now that its gardening season 8/10 have bit the dust!! I even garden with gloves most of the time but it still doesn't help.
My toenails are great however (no one sees them in my landscaping atire however!!)
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I don't....I just get this mental image of me at the shelter trying to get cat or puppy poop out from under my nails...or trying to bleach/disinfect a cage with nails on...
Get a good pair of gloves and wear them when you're cleaning and scooping! I work at our local shelter and i keep my nails painted- i've learned that a good pair of gloves is worth it's weight in gold! They keep your hands from drying out (especially if you use Rocal, Island Fresh, Bleach, or Pine Sol or anything like that to disinfect!) If you get them in the right size- they should stay on your hands well while you're scooping/ washing bowls, grooming, etc They also help keep your hands from getting dried out from all those chemicals. Also be sure to put GermX /hand sanitizer and wash your gloves from animal to animal just like you would your hands so you don't potentially spred anything.
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