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Mika update! Pics!

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Well, she is getting big, this isn't the best picture of her, but... Its a picture!

The first week I noticed...

Second week, she started getting big!

This week! How far along do you guys think?

Then... Lucky! lol

Just a random picture, lol. How far a long do you guys think she is?
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About 5 weeks
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yea i would say about 5/6 weeks , it really depends on how many she is carrying. plus she still has quite a bit of fur around her nipples, so she hasnt started groming herself there just yet. so i would say still a few weeks to go yet.
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I'm not an expert on that. But I just wanted to comment on how pretty she is ..
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~So how long before birth do they start cleaning the hair away from the nipples and do all pregnant cats, even first time moms, do this? my girl hasnt done it yet but Ive had her since Feb 18th so she had to get pregnant before then, AND she has alot of movement and milk is starting to come in, but no clearing of the hair yet so Im trying to stay on top of things~
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i think in the last 2 weeks they start cleaning the hair away ?? in very long haired cats some people have to trim the hair away to make it easier for the kittens to find the teats.
if im wrong someone please correct me . but also it does depend on the cat.
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Well I bred rexes, so they didn't have to clean hair away
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Mika, is also shedding a lot, but, it is shedding season. yuck, hate it! lol, And she is shedding a lot of that hair away, but, she will probably get more hair off as the weeks go by.
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