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November Contest Announcement

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Are you in the mood for another contest? This one requires no thinking cap, no essay being written. This contest has to do with the sister site of TheCatsite.com- which (as most of you know) is www.Meowhoo.com.

In order to participate in this exciting contest- You must first be a subscriber to The Club. The Club is simply a newsletter launched off of Meowhoo.com. It is free to join, and once a month you will receive in it,along with news and information- exciting offers from some of our many merchants who list with us. There will be contests offering great prizes as well. The first newsletter is due out soon, so hurry up and sign up now!

You can sign up here: !Meowhoo.com Just look for the animated ad with the kitty that says "Curious?"

On the November Contest the prize offered will be completely different. You can preview the prize here: Pixel Pets Just click on the ad for Pixel Pet.

The prize is the Deluxe Edition of Newton The Downloadable Kitten........You can download the free trial of him off their website so you can see some of what he can do. You and your kitties will be enthralled with him.

That is all the details for now! Stay tuned to this channel for more information in the coming days.............
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Just wanted to say that I have Newton as my screensaver. Only the free demo - but it's way too cute! It's this sweet tabby kitten running on your screen, playing with his ball and scratching at your windows - very lifelike and so very cute!

And about the club - here's a direct link to the club page:

We have lots of cool ideas for benefits for members, starting right away with our first Mewsletter to be released in November.
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