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Hi, I was making the diarrhea worse by keeping her tied up in the back room, to much stress for her I guess. The other day I let her loose in the house and in about a day the diarrhea was gone. She is not good as new, but doing better than she was for a while there. Some of the sparkle has come back to her eyes and she is eating good again.

The vet wants to take some more chest X rays in a week or so to see what that round thing looks like again. She still is wondering what it could be.
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I am glad that Kelsey is feeling better, please keep us updated on her.
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just checking in on Kelsey

Good news that she is eating and you can see an improvement heres wishing that this continues and the vet can get some answers for you

Give her some tummy rubs from us
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I will keep you and your sweet pup in my prayers
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Hi, A little update, Kelsey is still doing OK, not her old self but I don't think she will be anymore, I think age is catching up with her some, and all this time as a house dog in town she never got the exercise she should have. The last time she got out off town so she could run around is when the breathing problems showed up, so we are now afraid to let her run around to much till we learn more as to what is going on with her.

We are going on our first camping trip of this year next weekend and probably will take her along with us. Maybe I can take her on a couple long slow walks around the campground, I have fibromyalgia and back problems so my 50 year old body has a hard time getting around also some days.

It is going to be real hard for me going camping without Tuffy along the first couple times, he loved being in the motor home and having it all to himself without any other cats or dogs to deal with.

I think Cozmo would like it also after he got used to it, but he is so fussy I don't think he would stand wearing Tuffy's old harness and leash. He acted like the world was coming to an end when I tried to put a small collar on him a while back.

Sorry for getting off topic.
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Aww, fingers crossed she has some quality time with you Tom.
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Same here.

Kelsey will enjoy her camping trip with you. Hoping that things continue to look up for you.
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just checking back in on Kelsey, well I hope you have/are enjoying your trip and your sweet girl has had some leisurely strolls with you !

Let us know how it went
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I hope she pulls through,I own a Newfoundland and have all kinds of worries with her.

I wish you both the best!
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Hello, we lust got home from camping for 2 1/2 days and Kelsey did good. She had a little trouble breathing last night and it got pretty warm today so I turned on the air conditioner in the motor home and Kelsey liked that, she layed on the big bed in the back and slept part of the day.

I was thinking how much I miss Tuffy not camping with us, and about that time I fixed a blanket on the couch in the motor home and one of Tuffy's toys fell out on the floor, almost like Tuffy dropped it there because I was thinking of him, it almost made me cry.
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Here is a thumbnail picture of Kelsey resting on the bed in the motor home with the air conditioning cooling her off. I have very few pictures of Kelsey because she runs away when I aim the camera at her. I had to take this one from a long way away with the zoom as far as it would go on the camera. She is a pretty big girl, 84 lbs the last time at the vet.

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Awww...Kelsey is a lovely old girl! Sure looks like she enjoyed the trip!

I'm so happy she's coming along much better!
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Hi again, Just a update, Kelsey is still doing OK, in fact she is doing a little better lately so we have not had her back to the vet since the last time. I do need to talk to the vet one of these days to see what she thinks we should do if any thing.

She has been getting outside and getting some exercise so maybe that is helping her feel better. She still moves a little slow but she has not been so depressed or doing strange things anymore. She is also chasing the cats around the house and barking at the mailman like she used to do before she got so sick.

I think maybe some of her problem was she felt left out after Yvonne got Willie and most of my time is taken up with all the cats so she was not getting the attention she needed. But when she got so sick she kind of woke us all up to the fact that she needs help and might not be with us a long time anymore, so I spend allot more time with her and I make sure Yvonne does also.

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just checking in on Kelsey, love the photo of her snoozing on the couch

I am glad she is getting about a bit more and heck, barking at the postie and chasing kitties, she is doing great

give her some tummy rubs from us
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