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Our big dog is real sick,,,,

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I know this site is for cats, but our big dog Kelsey has been having problems for a while so I took her in this afternoon, The main thing I noticed is she is having trouble breathing. Well my favorite vet checked her over and decided some chest xrays would help, well it looks like there might be a tumor in there one her side and it is about as big as a golf ball if the xray is showing something that is really there.

They took some blood for some tests to try and get some more clues as to what is going on, when they took blood from her neck they found a huge lump there also. For now the vet gave me some meds for her to help her breathing till the blood work comes back. This is the same vet who took care of Tuffy and was always so upbeat with me about Tuffy, but she is really concerned about Kelsey.

Kelsey has also been acting strange, doing things she would never do before, and when I let her outside to go to the bathroom she wanders around like she is lost or something, and she will poop on the floor right in front of us and never let us know she has to go out, its like she forgets she has to go outside to poop, I told the vet some of the weird stuff she has been doing and she is concerned that there might be a tumor in her head someplace also. She has been to this vets office before and never complains or fights but today they had to put a muzzle on her to do anything with her.

So I am very bummed out tonight and worried about if she has cancer bad or something like that. I am a cat person but I raised Kelsey since she was little because I was home during the day on most days, so she is real attached to me and I am to her so it will be real hard if she don't have much time left with us.

Tom W
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I'm sorry to hear about your Kelsey - vibes and head-butts from me and the Birman boys that she feels better soon and that the problem isn't too serious.
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oh gosh, Tom, how awful lots of vibes for you and Kelsey to make it thru this {{{}}}}}
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Thoughts and prayers for Kelsey, you and your family.
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Oh Tom, I am so sorry to hear about Kelsey. Many thoughts and prayers are coming your way for you and your family and for Kelsey..
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OH, I am so sorry to hear this, altho I am a cat lover, I am also an animal lover. There aren't many animals I don't like and I have always loved dogs very much. From what you have said, it does seem pretty serious and I just hope Kelsey will survive whatever he may have. Sending many good thoughts your way, please keep us updated.
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We're all ANIMAL lovers first and foremost. I am so sorry to hear that Kelsey is sick, that really doesn't sound good. I really hope that whatever these growths are it is benign and can be treated. It is so upsetting when our loved ones are ill. It is probably not much comfort to you, but we are thinking of you and sending vibes for Kelsey
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Thanks for the support everyone, I am hoping its not as bad as it sounds like it could be. I just hope it is not Tuffy all over again, where she gets so sick and we don't really know why till its to late, if it is not to late already.
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for all of you
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I am sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi for you and Kelsey, please let us know how she is doing.

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Oh heck, heres sending lots of healthy ((((((( vibes )))))) for sweet Kelsey and lots of hugs and soothing thoughts for you and yours
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She did much better last night and today with the meds to help her breath so she could sleep much better.
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Tom, I have 2 large dogs myself in addition to my 3 cats...I did have 3 dogs, but as of last December, our oldest dog was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor that ulcerated, and was causing fatal internal bleeding. She had just received a clean bill of health only 10 days earlier...that is how quickly the cancer popped up with her. We were devastated, and miss her horribly. The only warning sign we received from Ginger before the end was only 2-3 days before she was euthanized...she started to refuse food, and her arthritis returned suddenly (after being successfully treated with Rimadyl), and she was experiencing paralysis in her hind quarters, and unable to eliminate appropriately outside...she was having accidents all over the house. This all happened just 2-3 days before the diagnosis, and before she was euthanized. We knew she was bleeding internally when our vet checked her gums, and they were stark white, and she also appeared to be in shock...she was not responding to her name, etc.

Anyway, my intention was not to scare you or discourage you. If it is cancer, and it is caught early, it may be treatable, or perhaps a biopsy can be performed. One huge indicator of whether Kelsey is suffering physically, is if she's refusing food and water. A dog in a lot of agony will not eat or drink, usually. So if her eating habits are still fairly consistent, she's probably not too uncomfortable yet. Hopefully you will have more definitive answers soon that will point you in the direction you need to go with Kelsey. Sending lots of get well vibes to your lovely dog!
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just checking back in .............. glad to hear she is feeling a bit better, lots of vibes for continuing improvement
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I'm pulling for you and Kelsey. It is so hard to go throught these things. Take care.
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Hi, I missed the phone call from the vet today, but she left a message saying the blood work shows a problem with Kelsey's liver. She wants to do another test to see if her liver is failing and putting bad things in her blood which she said could make her act strange just like a brain tumor can.

I had to go away to see my Dr this afternoon so the vet and me played phone tag and I didn't get to talk to her about it. I will call back in the morning right away and find out more on what she wants to do next, So either way if its tumors or failing liver neither one sounds like very good news.
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ooo just getting your update - I dont know anything about liver complaints, but maybe there are some meds that can sort it

still sending ((((((( vibes ))))))) of good wishes & love for Kelsey, you & yours
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Hi, Kelsey can't have anything to eat after 8:00 tonight and has to be at the vets office at about 7:00 in the morning so they can draw blood, then they will feed her and after a length of time they will draw some more blood for tests, I understand they are looking for a certain thing that shows the liver is not working as it should be. So she will be at the vets office for a while tomorrow.

I am having a real bad day, its cold and rainy, so that makes my clinical depression worse on its own sometimes, and now all this with Kelsey is bringing back all I went through with Tuffy wondering if I will have to go through all the same stuff with Kelsey now.
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More thoughts and prayers for you and for Kelsey. And here are some <<good blood values vibes>> for tomorrow.
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Oh, Tom.

Sending serious vibes. You keep your chin up, and if worse comes to worse, and Kelsey is diagnosed with a terminal issue with prolonged suffering, and you make the decision to send her over the Bridge, please TRY to take some comfort in knowing that you are giving her the greatest gift a human can give to our animal companions...the gift of peace. Kelsey will understand, and will be eternally grateful, if this is what it comes to.

Hang in there...I'm sending positive test vibes to you and Kelsey. This may not be as bad as it sounds initially...perhaps the liver issue can be treated in some way.

Sending prayers and thoughts.
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I am sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for you and Kelsey, please keep us updated on how she is doing.

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just checking in.......any updates today more vibes on the way !
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Hi Tom,
I am so sorry to hear about your sick doggy. One of mine is a cancer survivor so I know a little bit about how you feel.
You have already gotten some good advice so all I can say is hang in there for Kelsely's sake.
Fingers and paws crossed that Kelsey gets better.
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Well the test says her liver is working fine so now we are back to where we started.

She is having new problems the last couple days, She pooped right before I took her in to the vets office and she was normal, when I go to pick her up in the afternoon they said she has had horrible diarrhea most of the day. I told them she was just fine right before she came in so we figured it was stress and being so afraid of being there that caused it, well today she is still just as bad, we have to keep her tied up in the back room on the old vinyl floor so we can clean up after her. I called the vet back today about it and she said to give her some small anti diarrhea pills which have not helped so far and to feed her hamburger and rice mixed together and not her dog food to see if her tummy settles down. I think being tied up in the back room is adding to her stress so it makes the problem worse that we are trying to fix. She has it so bad we can't leave her loose in the house because she can't hold it in long enough to let us know she has to go outside.
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That completely sucks, I'm sorry. i hope they both get better.
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Well at least you know its not her liver

So hopefully the meds. and the diet change might improve things bless here she will be fed up

Vibes still coming for sweet Kelsey

Keeps us posted
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Tom, I sincerely hope that this is something that can be treated - it seems horribly unfair to have to go through this again, it is the downside of owning animals sadly, but that doesn't make it any easier. I am sure you will do the right thing by her, like you did for Tuffy. Thinking of you and your wife.
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I am still sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi for you and Kelsey, please continue to keep us posted on how she is doing.

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Well thank goodness it wasn't her liver!

That's a blessing right there!

I hope her diarrhea improves in the next few hours...have you been forcing fluids or Pedialyte? That may help keep her hydrated...keep checking the skin behind her neck for signs of dehydration, and if she isn't getting enough fluids, she may have to have sub-q fluids from the vet. Poor Kelsey.

Still thinking of you, and your family.
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Some people swear by canned pumpkin (pure, not the stuff with sugar and spices) to help with digestive problems. It can't hurt to mix in a little with the hamburger and rice. Actually you might try substituting boiled chicken for the hamburger.
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