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New Pics of Zella the mommy to be

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Hello all i wanted to show you how big she's getting and to let you know her milk has dropped,nips are crusty. So how much longer are we expecting to pace the floor? LOL

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wow! she has gotten big! Pretty cat. She will be a good momma.
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Sorry did not get to post all the pics as i had to get dinner ready for the kids.. heres another one. Lazy girl always laying on the unfinished Kitchen Counter tops.. I made a birthing area for her in a old Pack and Play playpen in my room i don't know if anyone read that in the other post. Do i need to put her food close to her after kits are born? The babys are moving so much right now. Takes me back to when i was pregnant. poor girl.

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yes its a very good idea to keep her food and water close , and also her litter tray should be not to far but not to close. and she looks pretty big , it could be any time now.
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Have a question. Azella has been very restless all day looking in closets nooks and cranneys. she's been pacing and following me where ever i go. Is this nesting or onset of labor.
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Yes, but it could be a few days to a week. IMO you should confine her to one room and put a nesting box in there. I would not allow her to do too much roaming around in the house.

I confined my queens about 2 weeks before due and they had a big cage fixed up with the box, etc.
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wow shes getting very big!
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new pics of Azella. I know i know but here are some more.She only has 1 week to go. Her stomache feels like they are having a pouncing party in there

[IMG] the rest are in http form

My son sharing his Sardines with Zella
http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y20...e/DSC04115.jpg This is one of Zella tired from all the ab lounging tryi ng to get rid of the fat *pissst.Zella thats not fat your pregnant*.LOL
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lol! The last pictures are funny!! She is a beautiful momma.
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