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Is the new mom behaving strangely...or is it just me??

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Hi everyone... I am new to the site and have a possible problem that I need help with. My wife and I live at an intersection in the country where people bring pets they no longer want and let them out and drive away at night. I guess they figure that country folks can always use one more cat or puppy!! Anyway, a couple of months ago another one came up in the backyard and I kinda' fell in love with her because ...well she isn't the prettiest cat I have seen and everyone makes fun of her but she is one of the most loving cats I have ever been around so I figured I would have one more cat spayed at the vets and keep her. Well a month ago I figured out why someone dumped her out and now I am the proud parent of six more kittens that I don't need. We have seven adult cats and several German Shepherd dogs. Well my problem is that the mom brings a kitten out of the room where her box is and either jumps up on my lap with the kitten in her mouth and places it on my stomach and then becomes quite vocal as she sets about cleaning her kitten. If I am not sitting down, she will bring one and lay it in the floor and do the same thing. After five minutes of this she usually picks the kitten back up and takes it back. In a few minutes there will be another one in her mouth and the process repeats at least a dozen times a day.
I thought something may be wrong with the kittens but they appear quite healthy and now I am thinking that maybe she just wants to expose the kittens to us (humans) and vice versa?? Last night in the middle of the night she brought the kittens into the den and placed them on the floor until she completed her tasks....only problem is she placed them right beside the big cushions where my two German Shepherds sleep. The dogs whinned a little and even approached for a few sniffs but the mom ignored them and continued with her duties.
Is this normal for a mother cat?? I have always had all my cats neutered so I am not familiar with a litter of kittens and the mother cat. Is she trying to tell me something??? Has anyone experienced the same behavior??? I would appreciate any comments you guys and gals could give me. Thanks
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im just wondering if she is a very young cat ? she might be confused about the hole thing , some cats are just not cut out to be mums , but you say she is looking after them well? maybe because you took her in and loved her she is just showing you what she has done and feeling very proud of her self and greatfull to you. if the kittens seem healthy and so does she then what i would do personally is put her in a quiet room of her own with the door shut. this way she will not be able to move the kittens into an unsafe place . just make sure you go in there a lot to give her love. good luck and welcome to the site . please keep us updated hopfully someone will be along soon with a few more suggestions. but i wouldnt worry to much at the moment. just to let you know mum should be on a good quilty kitten food at the moment. if you need anything else just Pm me or post it hear , someone will get back to you asap. and thank you so much for taking this little girl in.
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